Local Moving Services in Marietta, GA

Move into your new house — but leave the stress of packing and relocating behind you. It’s possible with Wirks Moving and Storage. We are a local moving company in Marietta, Georgia that also serves customers from Atlanta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Acworth, Roswell, Alpharetta, Dallas, Hiram, and Powder Springs.

By hiring our company, you can relocate to your new apartment or house with as little stress as possible.


We Make Moving Easy for You and Your Family

At first glance, local moving looks so small-scale and manageable that you think you can pull it off with DIY methods. Packing up stuff with your family or getting help from your friends does sound like fun; however, it also leaves room for mistakes that could cost you money and your belongings:

  • Slow, disorganized, and haphazard packing
  • Inefficient use of space when loading your rental moving van
  • Multiple trips between your old and new place
  • Slow loading and unloading

A domino effect of consequences can arise from these issues. And they’ll lead to scratches on your furniture, damage to your gadgets, and inevitable clutter in your new house, to name a few. You’ll also end up doing much of the work. Exhaustion aside, wouldn’t you rather spend more time with the neighbors you’ve gotten close to instead of packing from the entire day?

Buy yourself more time and enjoy the other benefits of letting professionals handle your moving prep. Get Wirks Moving and Storage to manage your move.

  • Insurance protection – We are an AMSA Certified Pro Mover and, therefore, offer insurance coverage to our customers. This protection is an extra layer of security; we handle our clients’ possessions with care, whether they’re as sturdy as a workbench or as delicate as china.
  • Masterful packing service –Get all the local moving solutions you need from our company. We offer our expertise in packing all types of household items, from furniture to gadgets and wall-mounted light fixtures to sports equipment. You can be confident that your things are protected every minute of the journey.
  • Dependable local movers–Save on time and fuel by trusting our transport team to safely move your things from your old place to your new apartment, condo unit, or house anywhere in Atlanta County. We provide well-maintained moving trucks and employ responsible drivers who know the roads of Marietta like the palms of their hands.
  • Storage option –We round out our local moving services by offering storage spaces at our 30,000 square-foot facility in Marietta. Get in touch if you need a clean and secure storage unit for things that may not fit into your new home. Customers who simply need storage spaces and have no need for our moving service are also welcome to our self-storage units.

Moving can be emotionally and physically draining, even if you’re only moving to several blocks over. Your things still need to be boxed and unboxed, and your children will still be away from their best friends next door.

So, save yourself and your family from unnecessary stress. Get Wirks Moving and Storage to provide all your local moving needs in Marietta, Georgia.

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