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Georgia Intrastate Movers

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Is a relocation within Georgia in your plans for this year? Whether moving one city over or across the state, all relocations require industry-grade supplies and materials, expert knowledge and skills, and thorough coordination to be successful and stress-free!

Proudly serving all of Metro Atlanta, the Greater Atlanta Area Region, and all of the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Alpharetta Metropolitan Area, our team at Wirks Moving & Storage are pros at providing unmatched customer service during the moving process. In fact, we’ve created specifically tailored intrastate moving services to keep your upcoming journey as seamless as possible. The effort we’ve put in over the years has earned us the title of the best Georgia intrastate moving company.

Georgia Intrastate Movers

“Intrastate” — as well as Georgia intrastate moving companies — are not terms that are used on an everyday basis. Unless you have experienced one of these types of moves in the past, the parameters of this kind of relocation may not be known. An intrastate move is any move that occurs within the same state. This is not the same as an interstate relocation, which involves crossing state lines. 

Since Georgia is a rather large state, your Atlanta intrastate move will be labeled as one of two types of moves: local or long distance. In this case, local moves are considered as relocations under 50 miles, while long distance relocations are those that are over 50 miles in distance. Both of these are technically “Georgia intrastate” moves, as they are both within the state lines, but generally customers refer to an intrastate move as a long distance move.

Wondering why most people opt to hire Atlanta intrastate moving companies? A skilled, professional company helps individuals, couples, and families focus on the common reasons for moving, including a job or career change. This is especially true for those moving to Atlanta, as it is a major hub for a wide array of industries. 

Individuals also perform intrastate moves to be near their loved ones. This goes for people across all stages of life. From seeing the grandkids to coming home from college, being near family is another common reason for relocating within the state of Georgia.

How to Move Within Georgia With Wirks Moving & Storage

Hands down, the best way to relocate to your new home in Georgia is to put your trust in our five-star relocation services. Handing off the tedious and time-consuming duties of your upcoming move to our Georgia intrastate moving company will guarantee a smooth and easy trip.

Here are just some of the perks all people receive from our Georgia in state movers at Wirks Moving & Storage:
All of the above Atlanta intrastate moving services we provide save you countless amounts of time, money, and frustration. These benefits help you reclaim your schedule, reduce the risk of damage and breakage, and eliminate your chances of a moving-related injury.

How Much is a Georgia Intrastate Move?

Wondering what you’ll pay for our Atlanta in state movers? At Wirks Moving & Storage, we’re devoted to providing flat rate, guaranteed pricing that is as affordable as possible. This means you’ll never be shocked by an unexpected bill or service fee that wasn’t discussed upfront.

We always recommend requesting a quote for your move as the best way to plan for this upcoming expense. Since various online moving cost calculators just provide an estimate, this is the only way to get a 100% accurate answer about how much your move will cost. 

Want to know how we calculate your intrastate moving costs? Our Georgia statewide moving company calculates your cost based on miles traveled between locations, your storage needs, move-in/move-out dates, and how many of our Georgia intrastate movers are needed for the job. Specialty services outside the scope of our intrastate service parameters also add to your total cost.

How Much is a Georgia Intrastate Move?

Finding the best Georgia in state moving company for your needs is a top priority. This ensures you have a stress-free and easy move from start to finish.

Searching for proven ways to search for your Atlanta intrastate movers? Utilize the following checklist to help you decide between Georgia in state moving companies:
Thankfully, Wirks Moving & Storage exceeds the above expectations in every way possible! We’re also happy to provide information on the following:
  • The moving trucks we use
    • A dedicated truck is provided for every intrastate move
    • We provide the following tools for you:
      • Toolboxes
      • Straps
      • Extra boxes
      • Shrink wrap
      • Tape
      • Furniture blankets
      • Dollies – furniture and box
      • Wardrobe boxes
  • The experience level and training of our moving crew
  • We provide a dedicated crew for all intrastate moves
  • Technology
    • Ask us about the latest moving-related tech we use!
In business for over 12 years, our Georgia in state moving company has served over 20,000 happy clients. Boasting an unheard-of referral rating of 98%, it is easy to see that our customers gladly recommend us to friends, family, and colleagues. We’ve proudly amassed over 2,000 five-star reviews, further demonstrating our commitment to creating an outstanding relocation experience.