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How Virtual Surveys Work

Virtual surveys are a very helpful tool for estimating moves: they are time-efficient — a typical virtual walkthrough lasts 15-30 minutes, safe — no face-to-face contact is required, and –as long as they are done properly– accurate. Virtual surveys are now the go-to option for customers who have a busy schedule and are either too busy for an in-home walkthrough or need an appointment outside typical business hours; for those who prefer to avoid face-to-face contact in light of Covid; and for those who live in areas outside our in-home survey service area.

When scheduling the appointment for the virtual survey, your move coordinator will first determine which app you prefer to use.

3 Easy Ways To Do A Virtual Survey

The most common choice is FaceTime — this is the go-to for customers using Apple products such as iPhones or iPads. With this, your representative will just call you on FaceTime.

Zoom is another popular choice as many customers work remotely and already have this app installed on their phones.  If you would like to use Zoom and don’t already have it, you will need to download it from the App Store.  Since you will be walking through your home, you will need to download it onto a phone or tablet rather than your desktop.  With this, your representative will email you a link about ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment inviting you to the Zoom meeting.

The next choice is Google Duo. This is a good choice for customers using Android phones that don’t want to download Zoom. Google Duo comes standard on Android phones and you will just need to sign into it if you have not already done so. When you sign in Google will send you a verification code then ask you to log in to your Google account. Then your representative will just call your phone number and it will video call you on Google Duo.

How Virtual Surveys Work

During the walkthrough, you will be asked to flip the camera on your device around to point away from you.  Your representative will ask you to walk through your home room by room, discussing which items will and will not be packed and/or moved.  In order to get an accurate quote, it is critical that your representative sees everything to be packed and/or moved.  

So please be sure to show your representative your entire home — including areas such as the patio, garage, yard, basement, shed, barn, and attic.  Your representative will ask you questions and make helpful suggestions throughout your walkthrough to ensure that your quote is tailored to your moving needs.  It can be helpful to bring a notepad along to take notes.  In the event you lose service or your device freezes during the walkthrough, your representative may ask you to send photos or may call you on the phone while reviewing the online listing of your home.  After the virtual survey, your representative will prepare your quote and email it to you within 24 hours.  

Although virtual surveys are a new experience for many of our customers, we have been doing them for years and we are confident in our accuracy.  Our representatives are all easy to talk to and will ease any discomfort you may feel about the process.  Afterward, you will be confident that you’re in good hands and that you’ve made a great choice in who to entrust your belongings to.