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Moving to & Living in Snellville, GA

Thinking of Moving to Snellville, GA? | 🗺️ [2024] ULTIMATE Living in Snellville Guide

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2022, 06:41 am

The safe and quiet city of Snellville, GA is a pleasant place to live for people of all ages and is located 33 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. It is bordered by Dacula, Grayson, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Lithonia, Loganville, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Lakeview Estates, and Mountain Park.

Originally settled in 1874, the area was established by Thomas Snell and James Sawyer who went into business together, opening a local trade store in the area. Named Snellville after one of the founders, it was officially incorporated in 1923. In the past decade, the area has seen a substantial increase in new upscale homes as the area becomes more popular and attractive to new residents.

Snellville is known for being a popular suburb of Atlanta that offers plenty of shopping with a level of small-town charm. It is home to reputable schools for local students, a top-rated hospital, and a handful of great restaurants.

Although it’s a small area, Snellville has been home to a variety of notable people including actor Michael Kelly, actress Melissa Ordway, Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, and NBA basketball player Lou Williams.

1. People Living in Snellville, GA – Population & Demographics

How many people live in Snellville? The city has more than doubled in size since the 1980s with more people relocating to Snellville every year. The Snellville population is 19,778 people with a median age of 39 years old.

Snellville demographics show the area has a strong amount of diversity as it is made up of about 45% Black or African American, 39% Caucasian, 10% Hispanic or Latino, and 3% Asian. The city has a closely split gender ratio of about 48% male and 52% female. The median household income in Snellville is $74,535 per year.

Neighborhoods in Snellville, GA

Is Snellville a safe place to live? While it is ranked among the top 25 safest cities in Georgia, the crime rate in Snellville is 18% higher than the state average. Regardless of crime statistics, it’s easy to tell that Snellville is a safe place to live when you take the time to search for family-friendly neighborhoods.

People residing in Snellville are served and protected by the 47 active police officers on the force at the local Snellville Police Department.

2. Cost of Living in Snellville, GA

As a fairly affordable place to live, the average cost of living in Snellville is about 2.3% lower than the national average, though it is about 4.3% higher than the Georgia state average. Newcomers moving to the area can expect to pay lower prices for healthcare and utilities, but should also plan to pay more for transportation, groceries, and the Snellville real estate market.

How much does it cost to live in Snellville, GA? Recent statistics shared by Numbeo show some of the most common prices for typical expenses.

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $25.00
  • McDonald’s Burger Meal $7.00
  • Milk (regular 1 gallon) $3.00
  • Eggs (1 Dozen) $2.29
  • Bread (1 loaf) $2.99
  • Chicken Fillets (1 lb) $3.00
  • Domestic Beer (1 pint) $4.00
  • Average Cost of Gasoline (per gallon) $2.66
  • Movie Ticket (1st run) $14.50
  • Average Cost of Utilities (per month) $220.00

The homeownership rate in Snellville is 76.9% with most residents buying their living areas. When searching through Snellville, GA homes for sale, you’ll find various styles and types of properties to fit any lifestyle. The average price of a home in Snellville is $340,000.

There is a median sale price of $141 per square foot for local houses. The Snellville property tax rate is 1.190%, adding up to approximately $4,046 per year on average.

The other 23% of people residing in Snellville rent their homes and apartments. The average price of rent in Snellville is $1,254 per month.

3. Snellville Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Snellville

Where should you live in Snellville? As you consider the handful of local communities around town, a few of the best Snellville neighborhoods to consider are:

Snellville operates more than five local parks and outdoor activities for everyone living there to enjoy throughout the year. The outdoor spaces are managed and maintained by the trusted Snellville Parks & Recreation Department.

People moving to the area will love the convenient shopping in Snellville with stores like Walmart, The Shoppes at Webb Gin, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Target, Kohls, and the Presidential Commons.

Snellville is 33 miles from Atlanta and any locals that ever want to travel from Snellville to Atlanta will discover the drive takes 45 minutes to get there.

4. Snellville, GA Weather & Climate

The humid subtropical climate in Snellville brings hot, muggy summers followed by cold, wet winters.

Winter temperatures in Snellville average between lows in the mid-30s and highs in the mid-50s. Residents often need warm clothes during the colder months but won’t typically find any snowfall.

The weather in Snellville during the summer reaches warm temps in the high 80s during the day and only drops to the low 70s at night. As a wet and rainy place to live, the area gets an average of 52 inches of rain per year.

5. Things to Do in Snellville

From local parks and landmarks to fun points of interest and exciting outdoor activities, there are so many things to do for people living in Snellville.

Briscoe Park

Snellville, GA on a map

As the largest park in the area, one of the top attractions in Snellville is the beautiful Briscoe Park. It is a nice area to spend time outside and enjoy the lake, community garden, children’s playground, and numerous sports fields.

Briscoe Park, Sawyer Pkwy SW, Snellville, GA 30078  (770) 985-3535

Catch Air

At Catch Air, kids and adults alike will love the jungle gyms, slides, virtual reality games, and so much more. This top-rated place to visit in Snellville is a great amusement center that offers birthday events and much more.

Catch Air, 1957 Scenic Hwy S, Snellville, GA 30078  (678) 343-9543

Additional Snellville Attractions

The city keeps a calendar of upcoming Snellville events.

6. Snellville Restaurants

Whenever anyone is moving to Snellville, they like to get an idea of what the best restaurants are around town.

Provino’s Italian Restaurant

One of Snellville’s top places to eat is Provino’s Italian Restaurant, which offers a comfortable setting serving up classic plates. Their large menu boasts a great spread of choices including chicken parmigiana, veal marsala, scampi al forno, linguini with baby clams, and more

Provino’s Italian Restaurant, 2250 Main St E, Snellville, GA 30078  (770) 972-8411

The Diner At Webb Gin

Among the best restaurants in Snellville, The Diner At Webb Gin gives visitors a down-home feel with housemade desserts, refreshing drinks, and beyond. They have a mouthwatering selection of sandwiches, burgers, gourmet salads, wraps, meatloaf, catfish, country-fried steak, pork chops, ribs, and many other choices.

The Diner At Webb Gin, 1350 Scenic Hwy N STE 900, Snellville, GA 30078  (470) 282-3335

7. Jobs in Snellville

Anyone relocating to the area that has been keeping their eyes open for Snellville jobs will be happy to know the city has a handful of reputable employers. As the search continues, a few of the best places to work in Snellville that are worth considering include:

As a middle-class community, the average salary in Snellville is $56,000 per year. There is a 6.0% state income tax rate in the area. The current Snellville unemployment rate is 3.6%.

8. Snellville Schools

There are about 4,746 kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old living in Snellville, making up over 24% of the population. Between the kid-friendly amenities and the trusted school system, Snellville is an excellent place for families to live.

Young children in Snellville schools

The majority of local schools in Snellville are part of the dependable Gwinnett County School District. Children in the area generally attend programs at campuses like:

  • Brookwood Elementary School
  • Pharr Elementary School 
  • Snellville Middle School
  • Shiloh Middle School
  • Brookwood High School (ranked among top 30 high schools in Georgia)
  • South Gwinnett High School

The nearest colleges and universities offering secondary education for residing living in Snellville are Georgia Gwinnett College as well as Agnes Scott College.

Newcomers moving to Snellville will be pleased to learn they’ll have access to the free Gwinnett County Public Library, where they can check out books and movies as they wish.

9. Snellville Statistics & Information

Located toward the southern end of Gwinnett County, the city of Snellville takes up a geographical area of about 10.5 square miles. Local zip codes include 30017, 30039, 30052, and 30078. Most phone numbers in town have an area code of 770.

The time zone in Snellville is Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) during daylight savings time.

The elevation in Snellville is 1,062 feet above sea level.

Map of Snellville, GA

You can look for additional things to do, nearby restaurants, and shopping destinations in the area by reviewing this convenient Snellville map.

Tips for Living in Snellville

  • You’ll want to have an umbrella around for most of the year since Snellville gets lots of rain every year.
  • The cost of living in Snellville is fairly affordable, though it is slightly higher than the Georgia average.
  • Enjoy living in a rural area that is close enough to Atlanta to enjoy its many attractions and places of interest.

Moving to Snellville, GA

Does relocating to Snellville sound like it’s the perfect place for you and your lifestyle? If you need a trusted team to help with your transition, turn to the best Snellville movers here at Wirks Moving! Give us a call today at (404) 635-6683 or fill out the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!

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