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Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA

Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta [2024] | 🏅 Top 7 Safe Atlanta Neighborhoods

Last Updated on: 30th June 2023, 08:18 pm

If you are searching for the safest Atlanta neighborhoods, there are a number of options you can choose from. Along with looking at the neighborhood’s crime rates, you should also consider the lifestyle you want.

Once you have narrowed down your list of locations, you’ll be able to consider factors like the cost of living in the neighborhood. While the safest communities in Atlanta tend to cost a little more to live in, there are a number of budget-friendly options as well. With a little research, you can be protected, safe, and secure & find the best home for you and your family.

Crime Stats in Atlanta, GA

Like most cities in the country, Atlanta communities have to deal with a variety of different crimes in certain areas. Depending on where you live, the crime rate may be higher or lower than the city’s average. When balancing the good with the bad, the total crime rate in Atlanta is 110% higher than the national average.

Aerial view of Atlanta, GA

These other Atlanta crime stats will help you get a better idea of the basics for the city:

  • The violent crime rate is 1,433 cases per 100,000 residents each year.
  • For every 100,000 residents, the city had 1,995 robberies and 2,944 aggravated assaults.
  • There have been about 4,781 burglaries, 16,493 larceny-thefts, and 4,282 vehicle thefts per 100,000 residents. 
  • Get a neighborhood view with the Atlanta Police Department’s interactive crime map.

Most of these crimes primarily happen among gang members. For example, half of the violent crime occurred among Atlanta gang members and not average citizens.


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Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

1. Brookhaven  – Home to the Peachtree Creek Greenway

Population: 2,335

Crime: There are 1,643 crimes for every 100,000 residents.

Median Home Listing Price: $1,400,000

Great for: Brookhaven is perfect for families and retirees who like to spend their time outside.

Brookhaven is located on the north side of the city. It is widely known as one of the safest Atlanta neighborhoods. With the Peachtree Creek Greenway, residents can easily get from North Druid Hills to Briarwood Road. Plus, the area has walkable streets thanks to a new sidewalk ordinance.

Back in the early 1900s, Brookhaven was a popular location for summer cottages. In recent years, it has developed a reputation as a safe suburb for families. Violent crime in the area is 9% lower than the national average.

2. Argonne Forest – Wealthiest Atlanta Neighborhood

Population: 596

Crime: This neighborhood has one of the city’s lowest crime rates.

Median Home Listing Price: $1,600,000

Great for: This area is perfect if you want a comfortable life among the wealthy.

In Atlanta, the north side of town including Argonne Forest is known for being the richest. Along with Argonne Forest, you can also check out affluent communities like Woodfield, Randall Mill, Kingswood, and Brandon.

One of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta

With only 590 residents on the last census, it is unsurprising this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta. It is also the location of beautiful homes and large lots. Families can enjoy having access to some of the region’s top-rated public and private schools as well.

3. North Buckhead – An Affluent Area Near Shopping & A Nature Preserve

Population: 8,340

Crime: North Buckhead’s annual crime rate is 4,025 incidents per 1,000 people.

Median Home Listing Price: $549,000

Great for: North Buckhead’s great for anyone who loves outdoor experiences or shopping opportunities.

North Buckhead is the fourth most populated suburb in Atlanta, and it is placed on the north side of the city. This upscale neighborhood is known among the wealthiest areas in Atlanta. Shopping enthusiasts will love having world-class restaurants, designer stores, the Phipps Plaza Shopping Center, and a 14-screen movie theater.

If you like spending time outdoors, the Little Nancy Creek Park and the Blue Heron Community Garden are worth checking out. At the Blue Heron Community Garden, you can explore wetlands, meadows, and a turtle sanctuary. Plus, violent crime in North Buckhead is 35% lower than the national average.

4. Peachtree Heights East – Safest Neighborhood in Atlanta

Population: 1,073

Crime: There were no reported assault, murders, or robberies in Peachtree Heights East for multiple years, which is why this community is considered the safest neighborhood in the city.

Median Home Listing Price: $509,000

Great for: Because of its safety record, this is one of the best Atlanta neighborhoods for raising a family.

Home to the Cathedral of Christ the King, this Atlanta suburb is also the site of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Centennial Olympic Park. It is recognized for being one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta.

Located on the north side of the city, this neighborhood has top-rated public schools and charter schools.

5. Chastain Park – A Comfortable, Affluent Suburb in Atlanta

Population: 2,458

Crime: This area’s crime rate is 26% lower than Atlanta’s average.

Median Home Listing Price: $2,450,000

Great for: This neighborhood is ideal for families, retirees, and anyone who wants a safe, suburban lifestyle.

This is another one of the affluent Atlanta suburbs located on the north side of the city. It is home to the Chastain Arts Center and the Chastain Park Playground.

People move to the area because of its reputation for top schools and low crime. The hardest part about moving to the area is getting over the sticker shock since the median home lists for over $2 million.

6. Virginia Highland – Home to Parks and the Arts

Population: 8,075

Crime: This neighborhood’s violent crime rate is 57% lower than the national average.

Median Home Listing Price: $725,000

Great for: Anyone who loves recreational, shopping, dining, and drinking opportunities.

Virginia Highland is located slightly to the northeast of downtown Atlanta. Known as one of the safest Atlanta neighborhoods, this affluent suburb originally started as a streetcar suburb.

Since it began, the neighborhood has become famous for historic houses and bungalows from the start of the 1900s. Residents move to the area because of its Summerfest festival, top restaurants, excellent shopping, and local activities.

7. Atlantic Station – One of the Top-Rated Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Population: 2,313

Crime: For every 1,000 residents, there are 5 violent crimes per year.

Median Home Listing Price: $334,000

Great for: Families will love the safe streets and top schools.

Thought to be one of the best places to live in the city, Atlantic Station centers around the Atlantic Station Mall. Residents can enjoy visiting the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum and the Millennium Gate Museum. This area’s crime rate is 57% lower than the national average.

Comfortable community in Atlanta

Placed on the north side of the city, this is often considered one of the best communities in Atlanta. For free movies and outdoor yoga classes, check out Central Park. Whether you are a young professional or a retiree, the area has easy access to everything you need.

High Crime Areas of Atlanta

If you are searching for the safest suburbs in Atlanta, then you need to avoid high crime areas of Atlanta. The following list includes the bad areas of Atlanta to avoid if you want to stay safe.

Some of the Atlanta high crime areas include:

  • Mechanicsville (population: 3,231) – 213% more crime than Atlanta.
  • Grove Park (population: 1,503) – 1,929 property cromes per 100,000 people.
  • Adair Park (population: 5,299) – 138% more crime than Atlanta.
  • Vine City (population: 3,319) – 1,682 crimes per 100,000 people.

Safest Atlanta Neighborhoods FAQ

Is downtown Atlanta safe?

Like most big cities, downtown Atlanta is more walkable and safer during daytime hours. But as night falls, it becomes more important to keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid dangerous areas. Downtown Atlanta has an overall crime rate which is 188% higher than the national average.

Is it safe to live in Atlanta, GA?

While Atlanta has a fairly high crime rate, there are neighborhoods with lower crime rates in the city. By taking reasonable precautions and living in one of the safest Atlanta communities, you shouldn’t have a major issue.

What parts of Atlanta should I avoid?

You should avoid dangerous Atlanta neighborhoods and suburbs such as:

  • Mechanicsville
  • Grove Park
  • Adair Park
  • Vine City
  • Old Fourth Ward
  • Kirkwood
  • Edgewood
  • East Atlanta Village
  • Peoplestown.

Map of the Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Are You Ready to Move Into a Safe Atlanta Community?

Before you move to the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta, you need to take some time to investigate your new community. By looking for the safest Atlanta neighborhoods and taking your time, you can find a secure location to match your unique needs.

When you’re ready to relocate to the area, we have a crew of trusted Atlanta movers here to help you! Give Wirks Moving a call today at (404) 635-6683 or fill out the Request a Quote form for a free moving estimate!

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