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Cities in Cobb County – COMPLETE List of Cobb County Cities with Population, Data, Information & More!

Last Updated on: 30th June 2023, 07:58 pm

Are you visiting the Atlanta area? Just outside the city limits is Cobb County, home to some of metro Atlanta’s top attractions and historic communities with world-class parks and outdoor recreation.

If you’re going to be visiting or moving to the area, exploring the top cities in Cobb County is a great place to start! This complete guide to Cobb County cities covers all cities in the county as well as census-designated places as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.

About Cobb County, Georgia

Cobb County was created in 1832 when the land was acquired from the Cherokee Nation after the Indian Removal Act was passed. A lottery was used to redistribute the land to settlers.

Cobb County is the third most populous county in Georgia after Fulton County (home to Atlanta) and Gwinnett County. Located in north-central Georgia, it’s immediately northwest of Atlanta and part of the Atlanta metro area.

The county is home to the Cumberland District, an edge city with 103,000 residents and 122,000 workers. It’s the 5th largest business district in the region with 24 million square feet of office space. The Cumberland area is almost entirely in unincorporated areas and it’s home to The Battery Atlanta, a large mixed-use development that surrounds Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves.

Cobb County, Georgia is the state’s most educated county and the 12th most educated in the country. It’s also among the top 100 U.S. counties for income.

There are no Cobb County cities that make the list of largest cities in Georgia. In fact, there are only six counties in Cobb County plus three census-designated places (CDPs) and more than one dozen unincorporated communities. However, it’s the second-most densely populated county in Georgia, even beating out Atlanta’s Fulton County.

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Cobb County Demographics

  • Population: 760,141
  • Population density: 2,237 people per square mile
  • Area: 339.8 square miles
  • Median age: 37.3
  • Median household income: $79,601
  • Median home price: $360,000
  • Educational attainment: 92% high school or higher, 48% bachelor’s degree or higher

#1. Marietta

  • Population: 60,544
  • Population density: 2,587 people per square mile
  • Area: 23.4 square miles
  • Median age: 34.9
  • Median household income: $57,452
  • Median home price: $376,000
  • Marietta, GA Map

Just 20 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta is Marietta, the largest city and county seat of Cobb County. Marietta is known for its historic town square, Civil War history, and excellent quality of life. It’s more affordable than many surrounding cities in Cobb County, Georgia, with the beautiful backdrop of the Kennesaw Mountains.

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Marietta is frequently named one of the best places to live and noted for its affordability. It was ranked 8th among the Top 10 Affordable Suburbs with a City Feel by Zillow and Yelp for striking a balance between suburb and city living. The report even noted its culinary scene that “rivals that of Atlanta!”
Marietta offers endless attractions for families, retirees, and singles:

  • Six Flags White Water
  • Marietta Museum of History
  • Gone with the Wind Museum
  • Marietta Square (Glover Park)
  • Marietta Cobb Museum of Art
  • Marietta Fire Museum
  • Elizabeth Porter Park & Sprayground
  • More than 320 restaurants!

Learn more about living in Marietta, GA with this complete guide to the city.

#2. Smyrna

  • Population: 56,268
  • Population density: 3,618 people per square mile
  • Area: 15.6 square miles
  • Median age: 35.2
  • Median household income: $76,444
  • Median home price: $386,000
  • Smyrna, GA Map

Smyrna ranks second on the list of cities in Cobb County by population. It’s also the only one on the list of cities in Cobb County that’s at the perimeter (ATP). This means it’s right along I-285, the beltway loop of Atlanta called the perimeter. Communities in Metro Atlanta are considered by locals as inside the perimeter (ITP), outside the perimeter (OTP), or at the perimeter (ATP). A perk of living in Smyrna is the short commute to the city as it’s just 16 miles outside Atlanta.

Smyrna has been one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia for two decades thanks to its close proximity to the city and great amenities. Its affordability, quality of life, and job opportunities recently earned it a spot on Money’s list of Best Places to Live in America. It’s also the most affluent of all Cobb County cities.

Smyrna is popular with commuters and young families with two golf courses and 29 gorgeous parks. The Cumberland Mall and Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, are just outside the city limits.

Is moving to Smyrna right for you? Find out more in our in-depth guide to the city.

#3. Kennesaw

  • Population: 33,960
  • Population density: 3,496 people per square mile
  • Area: 9.7 square miles
  • Median age: 33.3
  • Median household income: $70,930
  • Median home price: $328,500
  • Kennesaw, GA Map

Kennesaw is third-largest among cities in Cobb County with a perfect blend of big city amenities and small town living. The city is famous for its ordinance that mandates gun ownership (with some exceptions) and as the site of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain during the Civil War.

The crown jewel of the city is Swift Cantrell Park, a massive community park with 42 acres of recreation including a 3,200-square-foot splash pad, two playgrounds, asphalt trails, a dog park, a fitness station, a lighted skatepark, and Wi-Fi. It even features one of Georgia’s largest inclusive playgrounds for children of all abilities.

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A post shared by City of Kennesaw (@cityofkennesawga)

With a central business district, the Kennesaw State University, and a low cost of living, it’s easy to see why Kennesaw is attracting young professionals and families alike. Learn more about living in Kennesaw, GA with our complete city guide.

#4. Acworth

  • Population: 22,534
  • Population density: 2,508 people per square mile
  • Area: 9 square miles
  • Median age: 35
  • Median household income: $68,860
  • Median home price: $347,000
  • Acworth, GA Map

Acworth is only the 4th largest among Cobb County cities, but it’s one of the most attractive. Known as the Lake City because it sits on the shores of Lake Acworth and Lake Allatoona, this charming city is bordered by Kennesaw and the counties of Cherokee and Bartow. Acworth is popular with outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming on the lakes and hiking at Red Top Mountain State Park. You get all that plus a low cost of living and a great school district!

Find out why people love living in Acworth, GA with this in-depth city guide.

#5. Powder Springs

  • Population: 15,163
  • Population density: 2,060 people per square mile
  • Area: 7.4 square miles
  • Median age: 38
  • Median household income: $69,807
  • Median home price: $330,000
  • Powder Springs, GA Map

The city of Powder Springs is one of the smallest cities in Cobb County, but don’t overlook it. Located 22 miles northwest of Atlanta, Powder Springs was once called Gunpowder Springs for the black powder-like sand created by the springs in the area. Powder Springs is a fairly affluent city popular with families thanks to its great schools, beautiful parks, low crime, and affordable living.

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A post shared by City of Powder Springs, GA (@powder_springs)

Powder Springs boasts plenty of amenities for such a small city. It’s home to the Walter H. Cantrell Stadium, Seven Springs Water Park, and tons of community events and family fun.

Learn more about living in Powder Springs, GA to see if it’s the right place to call home.

#6. Austell

  • Population: 7,205
  • Population density: 1,214 people per square mile
  • Area: 5.9 square miles
  • Median age: 32.9
  • Median household income: $53,551
  • Median home price: $277,000
  • Austell, GA Map

The smallest of the six cities in Cobb County by population, Austell is best known as the home of Six Flags Over Georgia. The city is about 18 miles outside Atlanta and offers residents plenty of recreation with five rec centers and seven parks operated by the Parks and Recreation Department. The Sweetwater Valley Youth Association which sponsors 32 youth sports teams.

Census-Designated Places in Cobb County

In addition to its six cities, there are three towns in Cobb County, officially census-designated places (CDPs). A census-designated place is a concentrated population of people in an area defined for statistical purposes, but the community is not incorporated. Residents may have an address with the name of the CDP or a neighboring municipality.


  • Population: 41,487
  • Population density: 2,016 people per square mile
  • Area: 20.6 square miles
  • Median age: 35.3
  • Median household income: $69,840
  • Median home price: $320,000
  • Mableton, GA Map

Mableton is metro Atlanta’s largest unincorporated CDP. If it was a city, it would be the third largest of all cities in Cobb County, Georgia. Mableton is only 15 miles northwest of Atlanta and bordered by Smyrna and Austell.

Mableton is a great place to live in metro Atlanta if you’re looking for great parks, plenty of open green space, and good schools. The community boasts plenty of attractions for families including the Mable House Barnes Amphitheater, the Sparkles Family Fun Center, and Heritage Park with an elevated boardwalk through a forested area.

Find out what it’s like living in Mableton to see if it’s the right city for you.

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  • Population: 12,934
  • Population density: 4,137 people per square mile
  • Area: 3.1 square miles
  • Median age: 34.7
  • Median household income: $81,973
  • Median home price: $441,000
  • Vinings, GA Map

Vinings is a well-known census-designated place that would rank 6th among Cobb County cities by population if incorporated. It’s the only Cobb County community inside the perimeter which makes it ideal for Atlanta commuters. It’s just across the Chattahoochee River from the affluent Buckhead, Atlanta neighborhood.

What makes Vinings a great place to live? Residents enjoy natural beauty, fishing and hiking along the river, a small-town atmosphere just outside the city, and an amazing food scene. The community also boasts great attractions like the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, home to the Atlanta Ballet and Atlanta Opera, with shopping at Vinings Jubilee and Cumberland Mall.

Check our complete guide to living in Vinings, GA to decide if this historic community is a good fit for you.

Fair Oaks

  • Population: 9,518
  • Population density: 4,826 people per square mile
  • Area: 2 square miles
  • Median age: 28.2
  • Median household income: $38,832
  • Median home price: $332,000
  • Fair Oaks, GA Map

Fair Oaks is more populous than Austell, the smallest city in Cobb County by population. This tiny community is outside the city limits of Marietta and Smyrna and residents have mailing addresses with either city. It’s a densely populated community, but its name is rarely used. Aside from residents, most people do not know the community is a distinct area and not part of incorporated Smyrna or Marietta.

List of Cities in Cob County(Table)

Here is a complete list of cities in Cob County, sorted first by population, then other metrics from the US Census. Education Level is the % of the population that has finished high school. The Population Growth is from 2010 to 2019. If they exist, under Type, we have included cities, towns, villages, census designated places and more.

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Cities in Cobb County Map

List of Cities in Cobb County



How many cities are there in Cobb County, GA?

There are only six municipalities or cities in Cobb County. There are also three census-designated places and more than one dozen unincorporated communities.

What is the most populous city in Cobb County, Georgia?

The most populous Cobb County city is Marietta, Georgia with a population of 60,500.

How many people live in Cobb County?

The population of Cobb County, Georgia is 760,000.

Where is Cobb County, GA?

Cobb County is in north central Georgia northwest of the Atlanta metro area.

What cities are in Cobb County?

There are six cities in Cobb County: Marietta, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Acworth, Powder Springs, and Austell.

Which of These Cobb County Cities Is Right for You?

Despite having just six cities and three CDPs, Cobb County is one of Georgia’s most populous and densely populated counties. All of the communities on this list offer world-class outdoor recreation and amenities just outside Atlanta. Once you’ve decided which city is right for you, Wirks Moving & Storage is here to help you settle into your new neighborhood with a stress-free moving experience.

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