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Moving is one of the most stressful life events most of us experience and long-distance moves are among the most stressful with logistical challenges to overcome along with the other hurdles of any relocation. At Wirks Moving & Storage, we believe that relocating doesn’t need to be a stressful and exhausting experience. Our affordable cross country moving company in Atlanta tackles the difficult aspects of the move so you can kick back and look forward to life in your new home. All you need to worry about is getting your family to your new location; we’ll take over the heavy lifting, unpacking, and even furniture arranging!

The farther you’re moving, the more overwhelmed you may feel about how you’ll transport everything safely, coordinate a lot of deadlines, and complete your move on time. Our Atlanta long distance movers are here to help make your transition the stress-free experience it should be.

What Is an Atlanta Long Distance Move?

The most general definition of a long-distance move in Atlanta is a relocation of more than 50-100 miles. It can also refer to even a short-distance move over state lines. You’ll see a few common terms used to describe these moves that vary slightly in meaning. An interstate move is a relocation that crosses state lines. Cross country moving companies in Atlanta handle moves across several state lines. If your relocation will take you over state lines, even if you’re only moving 10 miles, you’ll need a moving company capable of performing interstate moves.

What’s prompting your need to hire a long distance moving company in Atlanta? Interstate moves are often done for family-related reasons. You may be ready to start your own household, maybe you’ve had a change in marital status, or you’re relocating to be near your family. Many households undergo a long-distance move for employment. Perhaps you’ve been transferred to a new city, received a job offer, or have finally retired.

Our Atlanta interstate movers also serve families who are moving for housing reasons. Maybe you’re leaving the city for more affordable housing, better amenities, or to buy your first home? Maybe you’ve been accepted to school out of state or you just want a different climate!

No matter your reason for moving, Wirks Moving & Storage is proud to be one of the best interstate moving and storage companies in Atlanta.

How Do You Move Across the Country with Wirks Moving & Storage?

It’s one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face: how do you pack up your entire home and relocate across the country quickly and easily? One of the best long distance moving tips is to turn to a full-service long-distance moving company in Atlanta to make the process easy. Full-service interstate movers in Atlanta, GA are the best way to move interstate because they handle all of the hard parts of your relocation. One of the biggest questions you may have next is, what is actually included in “full-service?”

With a full-service Atlanta interstate moving company, you’ll be assigned a personal move coordinator who handles all of the details, coordinates every aspect of your relocation, and makes sure the move is completed on time. “Full-service” means virtually every aspect of your move can be performed by trained cross country movers in Atlanta including:

  • Prep work to protect your home from damage
  • Efficient, careful packing of your belongings with the right supplies
  • Loading and unloading of furniture and boxes
  • Transporting your belongings
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly
  • Unpacking and furniture arranging at your new home

These interstate moving services save you time, stress, and hassle by guaranteeing your belongings will be handled safely and make it to your new home on schedule. You don’t need to rush through packing and worry about items being lost or broken, recruit friends to help, spend two days lifting heavy boxes and furniture, or drive for days. With friendly, background-checked Atlanta long distance movers on your side, you can look forward to what awaits you in your new home without the long to-do list to get there!

Atlanta Long Distance Moving Quotes | How Much Do Atlanta Long Distance Movers Cost?

Want some help with your long-distance move without breaking the budget? Interstate moving costs in Atlanta aren’t as high as you may think! There are many factors that affect cross country movers rates so understanding these factors can help you figure out how to move interstate on a budget.

You can’t control all of the factors affecting rates with Atlanta long distance moving companies, such as the distance or season, but many factors are within your control. Changing your moving dates slightly, donating or selling items before your move, or changing the level of service you receive can all reduce your moving cost.

The following are the biggest factors that affect Atlanta interstate moving company rates:

  • Moving dates. Weekends are usually more expensive than weekday moves.
  • Weight or volume of belongings. Long-distance movers in Atlanta consider the weight of your belongings to create a flat-rate cost.
  • Level of service. Do you need specialty item moving? Packing services? Appliance disconnection?
  • Storage. Choosing an interstate moving company with storage options is more affordable than opting for self-storage separately, but storage will increase your cost.

To find out how much your long-distance move will cost, request interstate moving quotes that will be done with an in-home or virtual estimate. Get a free estimate from Wirks Moving & Storage today by calling us at 404-635-6683!

How Do You Choose the Best Atlanta Interstate Movers?

Ready to hire Atlanta cross country movers to enjoy a smooth and worry-free relocation? Make sure you do your homework to choose long distance movers who have the training, experience, and equipment needed. The last thing you want to do is trust your belongings to a fly-by-night or inexperienced moving company that can’t deliver on their promises.

If you don’t know any recommended interstate moving companies in Atlanta from family or friends, we recommend starting with Atlanta long distance moving company reviews on Google and Yelp. Check that each company is licensed, insured, and bonded with a good safety rating when you check their USDOT number.

To narrow down your options and find Atlanta interstate movers who are qualified to help you, use these questions to ask interstate moving companies before hiring:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many moves do you perform every year like mine?
  • What is the training process for your movers?
  • On average, how many years have your movers been with the company?
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • What is your claims rate?

In 11+ years, Wirks Moving & Storage has earned a stellar reputation in Atlanta with an impressive 1% claims rate and more than 10,000 customers served. We’re proud of our 98% customer referral rate thanks to our team of friendly AMSA-certified Atlanta long-distance movers who go above and beyond on every move.

At Wirks Moving & Storage, we look forward to delivering an exciting and fun relocation experience free of the stress and worry you may be expecting from a long-distance move. Ready to get started? Contact our Atlanta interstate movers today at 404-635-6683 or fill out the Request a Quote form for your free moving quote!

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Our Clients Feedback

  • 5 star ratingLooking for a new moving company is always challenging so started the look a few weeks ago for a big move for me and based on my special needs- piano moving/lots of appliances , actually had another mover recommend Wirks. I'm in Flowery Branch near Gainesville so had never thought about a Marietta based company, but called for a quote... read more

    Kevin Y. Avatar
    Kevin Y.

    5 star ratingI used Wirks to help me unload my truck a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't have been happier with the overall experience. This was not small task as it was a content of a 7 bedroom home with over 700 boxes, heavy furniture and piano. I

    They were attentive, professional, honest and quick. Their price was affordable and they...
    read more

    Uri C. Avatar
    Uri C.

    Works is a very professional moving company. After reading so many great reviews and talking with representatives from the company, I felt like this was a company I could trust with my things. They were the only company that sent a physical person to my home to do a walk-through and review the items I had before we moved to... read more

    Kip H. Avatar
    Kip H.

    We were very pleased with Wirks. From the virtual quote, to scheduling, to the actual move itself, we could not have been more pleased. Every single person I talked to was professional and helpful. The movers were prompt, professional, and efficient. Our furniture was wrapped well and protected. We moved to a rental while building a house, and we will... read more

    Susan S. Avatar
    Susan S.
  • The guys who helped us move were great! I didn't feel like we were "just another house they were moving" They called us by name. They marked everything as it was loaded with what room it would go to when we arrived. The transition was smooth. We had nothing damaged. I wanted to support a small... read more

    Christie W. Avatar
    Christie W.

    Wirks did an excellent job moving our home. We were very happy with their all their team members... Britta, Brian,Joe, Deandre and several others showed great concern and care with our first major in March. They worked hard and professionally! I would definitely recommend! Then yesterday Wirks helped me out on a small, but heavy job, to get ready for... read more

    Tammy R. Avatar
    Tammy R.

    Wirks moved us locally and we couldn’t be more pleased. I appreciated the timely and upfront manner of all communication including listening to and understanding our needs. Having Britta come to our house and go room by room to truly determine what we had to move, gave me confidence that we wouldn’t get hit with unexpected charges. On moving day,... read more

    Lisa L. Avatar
    Lisa L.

    Moving is always stressful and a recent move for my family was no exception. Wirks just makes it easy, from start to finish in every aspect. From price to quality, working with Wirks ensures you are making the absolute right decision for your move. This is our second time working with Wirks and this experience was just as exceptional as... read more

    S S. Avatar
    S S.
  • Our experience with Wirks was 1st class across the board. The team was prompt and they got right to work. I was impressed with the work ethic and how carefully they wrapped and moved our boxes and furniture. Fernando was the lead and he was thorough in explaining everything. Elvi worked both ends... read more

    Brian K. Avatar
    Brian K.

    You get what you pay for, and I am sure you could find a company that would charge less for their services, but Wirks came recommended and I trusted that it would be worth it. We chose to pack our own boxes and have the movers come to do the heavy lifting. We moved into our first home from a... read more

    Emily P. Avatar
    Emily P.

    5 star ratingMy experience with Wirks was a refreshingly pleasant one. The team of 3 were efficient, respectful and worked very well together. They moved my stuff from a packed 12x15 storage unit in record time with no breaks or negative vibes!

    Deborah H. Avatar
    Deborah H.

    5 star ratingAlthough I did not choose this company, Britta was very friendly, knowledgeable AND professional! For us, it just came down to pricing.

    Blinda P. Avatar
    Blinda P.