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Cities in Forsyth County GA 🏙️ | Explore Forsyth County Towns & Cities Near Cumming GA

Last Updated on: 30th January 2024, 09:28 pm

Forsyth County is located in the Northeast portion of the state of Georgia and is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. The county offers a little bit of everything and is located directly between the bustling city of Atlanta and the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.

If you are thinking about calling Forsyth County GA home, then you need to figure out which city or community to settle down in. Although there is only one incorporated city in the county, there are several unincorporated communities as well as cities that are in both Forsyth County and another county. Let’s explore some of the best cities in Forsyth County GA to find out which area is a good fit for you and your family. All of the information provided comes directly from the US Census.

Forsyth County, GA

Forsyth County Georgia is located in northern Georgia and is mostly inside of the Chattahoochee River sub-basin of the ACF River Basin. Adjacent counties to Forsyth include Dawson, Hall, Gwinnett, Fulton, and Cherokee counties. Over the past few decades, many people have relocated to Forsyth County to take advantage of many high-income employment opportunities in Alpharetta, as well as to enjoy the highly ranked public school system and affordable real estate. This influx of people has caused the Forsyth County GA population to grow 43.1% in just 10 years!

The population increase has also raised the county’s median household income, making Forsyth County the wealthiest county in Georgia, according to PropertyClub. Forsyth County is known for its beautiful natural attractions, such as Mary Alice Park Beach, Warbington Farms, and Fowler Park.

Forsyth County Demographics

Here are a few must-know Forsyth County GA demographics.

  • Forsyth County population: 251,511
  • Forsyth County median age: 39.6
  • Forsyth County median household income: $131,660
  • Forsyth County median price of housing: $620,000
  • Forsyth County area: 224.6 square miles
  • Forsyth County density: 1,189.7 people per square mile
  • Forsyth County educational attainment: 93.9% high school degree (or higher), 56.2% bachelor’s degree (or higher)

Cities In Forsyth County GA

It is important to note that Cumming is the only incorporated city that is fully within Forsyth County’s boundaries. There are many other cities that share boundaries with multiple counties, so the populations listed are not all included in the Forsyth County GA population. These are the best cities and towns in Forsyth County GA.

#1 Big Creek

Big Creek is a county subdivision in Forsyth County and is very popular among families. Of the 26,900 households in Big Creek, 83% are occupied by married couples. Also, the average household size is 3.1 persons, which is 20% higher than the Georgia average of 2.7. Big Creek is a very diverse community, with 30.7% of its residents being foreign-born (73% from Asia, 15% from Latin America, 7% from Europe, 3% from Africa, 3% from other parts of North America).

  • Big Creek population: 83,863
  • Big Creek population growth: 57.2% increase since 2010
  • Big Creek area: 43.9 square miles
  • Big Creek median age: 39
  • Big Creek median household income: $154,918
  • Big Creek median house price: $653,900
  • Big Creek Map

#2 Alpharetta

Alpharetta is one of the most popular cities in Forsyth County GA. The city is mostly located within Fulton County; however, sections of the city bleed into Forsyth County. Alpharetta is known for its fun outdoor activities like Big Creek Greenway and Webb Bridge Park. Alpharetta is popular among young professionals due to the many Fortune 500 companies located in the city, such as Verizon Wireless and LexisNexis. The average salary in Alpharetta is $82,000 per year, according to PayScale.

  • Alpharetta population: 65,818
  • Alpharetta population growth: 14.3% increase since 2010
  • Alpharetta area: 26.9 square miles
  • Alpharetta median age: 40.7
  • Alpharetta median household income: $141,402
  • Alpharetta median house price: $775,000
  • Alpharetta crime rate: 1,229 crimes per 100,000 people (48.9% lower than state average and 47.6% lower than national average)
  • Alpharetta Map

#3 Gainesville

If you are looking for cities near Cumming GA, then check out Gainesville. Gainesville is located just 22 miles outside of Cumming. Most of the city is in Hall County, although sections of the city enter Forsyth County’s boundaries. Gainesville is known for its low cost of living and is 7% more affordable than the national cost of living. The city also has low real estate prices, and the average home price in Gainesville ($403,390) is lower than the national average ($413,504).

  • Gainesville population: 42,296
  • Gainesville population growth: 25.1% increase since 2010
  • Gainesville area: 33.5 square miles
  • Gainesville median age: 32.4
  • Gainesville median household income: $64,163
  • Gainesville median house price: $403,390
  • Gainesville crime rate: 2,928 crimes per 100,000 people (21.6% higher than state average and 24.8% higher than national average)
  • Gainesville Map

#4 Duluth

Duluth is mostly a part of Gwinnett County, although a few unincorporated portions of Forsyth County use a Duluth zip code. This family-friendly city is known for its top-rated schools within the Gwinnett County Public School District. This district has won the Broad Prize twice, earning over $1.75 million in scholarships for students. Duluth is home to gorgeous neighborhoods such as the gated Sugarloaf Country Club and the affordable Howell Glen subdivision.

  • Duluth population: 31,873
  • Duluth population growth: 19.5% increase since 2010
  • Duluth area: 10.1 square miles
  • Duluth median age: 40
  • Duluth median household income: $88,915
  • Duluth median house price: $525,000
  • Duluth crime rate: 1,549 crimes per 100,000 people (35.6% lower than state average and 34.0% lower than national average)
  • Duluth Map

#5 Silver City

When searching for cities and towns near Cumming GA, Silver City should be at the top of your list. This county subdivision is very large in area, spanning over 45 square miles. This makes the area perfect for those who want to own a lot of land or build their own custom home. Silver City is just a few miles away from Coal Mountain and Coal Mountain Park, where you can enjoy hiking, athletic fields, tennis courts, a covered picnic area, and playgrounds. This area also has a household income that is 1.5 times the amount in Georgia ($65,030).

  • Silver City population: 28,877
  • Silver City population growth: 42.2% increase since 2010
  • Silver City area: 45.6 square miles
  • Silver City median age: 36.3
  • Silver City median household income: $124,770
  • Silver City median house price: $510,000
  • Silver City Map

#6 Suwanee

Suwanee is one of the largest cities near Cumming Georgia. This beautiful city is mostly zoned to Gwinnett County, although portions of Forsyth County GA also have Suwanee as its zip code. Suwanee is very popular among those who love apartment living, and the median rent in the area is $1,902, according to RentCafe. Some popular apartment complexes in the area include The Pointe at Suwanee Station and Siena Suwanee Town Center. Downtown Suwanee, where these complexes are located, is very walkable and full of restaurants and shops.

  • Suwanee population: 20,786
  • Suwanee population growth: 35.3% increase since 2010
  • Suwanee area: 11 square miles
  • Suwanee median age: 38.2
  • Suwanee median household income: $100,780
  • Suwanee median house price: $585,000
  • Suwanee crime rate: 1,308 crimes per 100,000 people (45.7% lower than state average and 44.2% lower than national average)
  • Suwanee Map

#7 Chestatee

Originally a Cherokee settlement, Chestatee is an unincorporated community located in northeastern Forsyth County. Chestatee is a largely rural area, and you will find many family-owned businesses in the community, such as Castleberry Farms and The Kinsey Family Farm. Chestatee is home to Chestatee Elementary School, which serves 1,233 students in grades PK-5. Other schools in the area include War Hill Christian Academy and Chestatee Academy.

  • Chestatee population: 19,005
  • Chestatee population growth: 17.9% increase since 2010
  • Chestatee area: 35.5 square miles
  • Chestatee median age: 38.7
  • Chestatee median household income: $104,598
  • Chestatee median house price: $475,000
  • Chestatee Map

#8 Cumming


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If you are searching for cities in Forsyth County GA, then Cumming will likely be the first city you come across. Cumming is the only fully incorporated city in Forsyth County GA. The city is just 39 miles northeast of Downtown Atlanta and 15 miles northeast of Alpharetta. Cumming is popular among college students as the city is home to the University of North Georgia – Cumming Campus. There are also several fun things to do in Cummin, such as Little Ridge Park, Fowler Park, and Central Park. The latter park is complete with a recreation center, a disc golf course, sports facilities, several playgrounds, and green space for kids to play in. The city is even home to the Peach State Cats, which is an arena football team that plays in Cumming.

  • Cumming population: 7,318
  • Cumming population growth: 34.7% increase since 2010
  • Cumming area: 7.5 square miles
  • Cumming median age: 40
  • Cumming median household income: $71,855
  • Cumming median house price: $483,900
  • Cumming crime rate: 1,613 crimes per 100,000 people (22.0% lower than state average and 31% lower than national average)
  • Cumming Map

#9 Dawsonville

Although Dawsonville is mostly located in Dawson County, it is among the most recognized cities and towns in Forsyth County GA. Dawsonville is home to many beautiful new construction houses that you can buy at an affordable price. The average home price in Dawsonville is $410,000, according to Redfin. These prices are down 24.2% compared to last year and is below the national average of $413,504. Most of the homes in this area are spacious two-story homes with large yards, long driveways, and plenty of space for your vehicles. When living in the area, make sure you check out the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame and Amicalola Falls State Park.

  • Dawsonville population: 3,746
  • Dawsonville population growth: 53.0% increase since 2010
  • Dawsonville area: 8.6 square miles
  • Dawsonville median age: 33
  • Dawsonville median household income: $75,234
  • Dawsonville median house price: $410,000
  • Dawsonville crime rate: 864 crimes per 100,000 people (58.0% lower than state average and 63.0% lower than national average)
  • Dawsonville Map

#10 Ball Ground

Ball Ground, which is located in both Forsyth County and Cherokee County, is situated 50 miles north of Downtown Atlanta and borders the city of Dawsonville. Ball Ground is one of the safest cities in Georgia, with a crime rate of only 175 per 100,000 people. This is almost 100% below both the state and national averages. The city of Ball Ground is known for its marble industry, with employers such as Consumers Monument Company and Ball Ground Monument Company providing jobs to residents in the area. Get outside and enjoy Ball Ground’s top attractions, such as Calvin Farmer Park and Ball Ground Botanical Garden.

  • Ball Ground population: 2,687
  • Ball Ground population growth: 75.6% increase since 2010
  • Ball Ground area: 6.3 square miles
  • Ball Ground median age: 35.7
  • Ball Ground median household income: $80,764
  • Ball Ground median house price: $602,450
  • Ball Ground crime rate: 175 crimes per 100,000 people (92.7% lower than state average and 92.5% lower than national average)
  • Ball Ground Map

Map Of Cities In Forsyth County GA

Check out this map of cities in Forsyth County GA.

FAQ Section

How Many Cities Are There in Forsyth County?

There is only one city with all of its boundaries in Forsyth County. However, several other cities have bits and pieces in Forsyth County.

What Is the Most Populous City in Forsyth County?

Out of all of the cities and towns in Forsyth County GA, Big Creek is the most populous. The city has a population of 83,863.

What Is the Wealthiest City in Forsyth County?

When it comes to wealthy Forsyth County towns and cities, Big Creek tops the list. The CCD has a median household income of $154,918.

What Is the Largest City in Forsyth County?

The CCD of Silver City is the largest, with an area of 45.6 square miles.

What Is the Most Crowded City Instate?

Duluth is the most crowded city instate. The city has a population density of 3,107.8 people per square mile.

Which Of Forsyth County’s Cities Is Right For You?

Which one of these communities or cities in Forsyth County GA is the best fit for you? Once you’ve settled on a city, then get in touch with Wirks Moving & Storage. We have been proudly serving the Forsyth County area for over 12 years. Give us a call today at (404) 635-6683 to get started with a free quote.

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