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Reynolds Nature Preserve COMPLETE Guide 🌟🌳 [2024] | Plan Your Day [Info, Tips, Data]

Last Updated on: 31st May 2023, 02:40 pm

Reynolds Nature Preserve is one of the most popular nature preserves in the state of Georgia. This protected forest area covers 146 acres and features several ponds. Reynolds Nature preserve features rolling hills, wetlands, and forest all in one. It’s also home to plenty of wildlife including several noteworthy breeds of birds. 

Ready to discover one of Georgia’s most iconic and unforgettable nature preserves? This complete guide to Reynolds Nature Preserve in Morrow, Georgia covers everything from the preserve’s history, attractions, hours of operation, programs, rules, and beyond.

Reynolds Nature Preserve Overview 

The 146-are Reynolds Nature Preserve is managed by Clayton County Parks and Recreation. If you visit Reynolds Nature Preserve, you’ll find that the park is kept in excellent shape thanks to the diligent care of the Parks and Recreation Department. In addition to several ponds, forests, hills, wetland areas, and a heritage garden, you’ll also find a plethora of other things to explore including a wildflower field, native plants path, and more. 

When you visit, you’ll quickly understand why plenty of people come to visit from out of state to see this Nature Preserve. Over 840 people have reviewed the Reynolds Nature Preserve on Google and it has received an average of 4.7 stars. 

Reynolds Nature Preserve is also popular because it is open year round, is suitable for people of all ages, and features a wheelchair-accessible path to the butterfly garden, native plants trail, and center. 

People also love visiting Reynolds Nature Preserve because it is an eco-friendly activity; there is no environmental impact of visiting. Additionally, if you are curious to learn more about the various wildlife that lives in the Reynolds Nature Preserve, there are self-guided tours and brochures available to help.  

History of Reynolds Nature Preserve 

The history of the land that Reynolds Nature Preserve is on dates back to the Civil War. During the Civil War, there was a courthouse in Jonesboro that contained records of the land that later became the reserve. Unfortunately, that building was destroyed in a fire, so our knowledge about the Reynolds Nature Preserve land is incomplete. 

We do, however, know that Robert T.S. Huie’s family bought the property sometime around the war. It was sold in the latter half of the 1920s to William H. Reynolds. When this sale occurred, the land contained two barns (one of which you can still see when you visit today), a spring house, two tenant farmhouses, the main house, a corn crib, and a spring house. 

In the 1930s, the ponds you can now visit on the grounds of the Nature Preserve were created. These ponds are man-made and came about by damming creek flow from nearby freshwater springs. 

Finally, in 1976, Judge William Huie Reynolds donated 130 acres of woodland and wetland to the Parks and Recreation Department. There was one stipulation: that it would stay undeveloped and in its natural state forever. 


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How much does it cost to visit Reynolds Nature Preserve? 

Free! There is no admission cost to visit the Reynolds Nature Preserve. If you would like to donate to help keep the park up and running, you can choose to do so. This is not compulsory, however. 

Where is Reynolds Nature Preserve? | Reynolds Nature Preserve Hours & Location

Reynolds Nature Preserve is in Morrow, Georgia. It borders Forest Park, GA as well. It is located 12.8 miles away from Atlanta (or 26 minutes in the car). 

Is Reynolds Nature Preserve safe?

Yes, Reynolds Nature Preserve is safe to visit. While it is located in Morrow, Georgia, which does have a crime rate that’s higher than the US average, the Reynolds Nature Preserve is on the outskirts of the city and according to those who have visited, quiet and peaceful. However, if you’re going to venture outside of the preserve when visiting on your day trip, you should be mindful of where you go. 

Where do you park when visiting Reynolds Nature Preserve? 

Some visitors decide to park outside of the preserve and then walk there. However, there is free parking available on-site, so you don’t have to walk far to reach your car when you are done exploring the preserve. However, if you’re planning on visiting during the busy season or on a nice day, you should arrive early to get a parking spot — the parking lot is small and fills up quickly. 

What amenities does Reynolds Nature Preserve Feature? 

It’s helpful to know what amenities the Reynold Nature Preserve offers before you plan your day trip to visit. First, yes, there are bathrooms at the Preserve, so if you are wandering the trails and need to use a restroom, there is one close by. 

Next, there is a picnic area at the Preserve, so if you’re traveling with children and would like to bring a brown bag lunch to eat when you’re visiting, you can certainly do so. Just be sure to properly dispose of your waste when you’re finished eating. 

Lastly, the Reynolds Nature Preserve does feature a gift shop that you can pop into if you’d like to purchase a souvenir to remember your visit. 

Are dogs allowed in Reynolds Nature Preserve? 

Yes, you can bring your dog to Reynolds Nature Preserve with you so they can soak up everything the hiking trails have to offer. However, there are a few stipulations. First, you must keep your dog on a leash if they visit Reynolds Nature Preserve with you. Additionally, if they defecate on the Nature Preserve’s property, you are asked to pick it up and properly dispose of it. 

By adhering to these guidelines when you visit Reynolds Nature Preserve, you are helping ensure that dog owners have the ability to enjoy the area with the company of their furry friends for years to come. 

Is bike riding permitted in Reynolds Nature Preserve? 

As of this time, bike riding is not permitted in Reynolds Nature Preserve. Therefore, if you’re planning on biking there, you can leave your bike in the parking lot. However, you are not allowed to explore the grounds of the Preserve on your bike, so come prepared ready to walk. 

Things to do at Reynolds Nature Preserve

If you’re visiting the Reynolds Nature Preserve, you’ll be happy to learn that there are several things to do. Of course, you can simply roam around the Preserve and take in the beautiful views, but if you’re seeking a more structured experience, you may also find it here. Here are some of our favorite things to do at Reynolds Nature Preserve. 

Explore the Nature Trails

If you’re an avid hiker, you will enjoy the nature trails that Reynolds Nature Preserve offers. There are several. The most popular is a 1.6 mile loop. It’s considered to be an easy route, which means it’s a great option for beginners or experienced hikers looking for a quick relaxing hike. The trail at Reynolds Nature Preserve is also kid-friendly. Visitors also love that the trail is well-marked. 

On average, it takes 37 minutes to complete. You’ll enjoy views of the preserve and may even see some birds when you’re on the trail. This trail is generally busy, but if you go during a quieter time of year or calmer part of the day, you can still get some solitude. You may bring your dog on this trail as long as they are on a leash. 

Go Birdwatching 

Reynolds Nature Preserve is a registered Wildlife Sanctuary, thanks to the Georgia Audubon Society. If you’d like a guided tour to learn more about the birds that call the Preserve home, join a free bird-watching hike the second Wednesday of the month. This hike is led by Master Birder Anne McCallum. 


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Visit the Pollinator Garden

During winter 2020, Reynolds Nature Preserve created the department’s first Pollinator Garden. Now, you can find the Preserve at #100 on the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail list, so if you keep up with that, you can check visiting the Preserve off your list. The garden is typically the most populated during the spring and summer, so this is a better activity for those seasons. 

Enjoy a picnic

Because the Reynolds Nature Preserve is located in an urban area, if you work in the surrounding neighborhoods, you can decide to take your lunch break at the preserve. By enjoying a picnic, you’ll get to spend some time in nature, which gives a great mental health boost. 

Reynolds Nature Preserve Map

Look at the map below to find the Reynolds Nature Preserve in relation to the surrounding areas. When you visit, you can also get a brochure to help guide you around the Preserve itself. 

Are you ready to experience everything Reynolds Nature Preserve has to offer? Pay it a visit and you’ll quickly begin to love this oasis. If you’re planning to relocate to the Morrow area, give us a call at Wirks Moving for a free, affordable quote.

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