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moving to and living in Winder, GA

Moving to Winder GA? 🌳👪 | What Living in Winder Is Like

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 07:47 pm

Winder GA, is a small city that was incorporated in 1893; the official motto of Winder is “City of Opportunities.” Winder is best known for being the home of Richard B Russel, a Senator, and the home to the first of a hotel chain, Jameson Inn, and was named after a local railroad builder, John H Wilder. At the end of the day, if you’re thinking about moving to Winder, you can rest assured knowing that living in Winder is a great choice and a wonderful opportunity for families and kids, because of the lower cost of living and the variety of kid-friendly attractions, like Fort Yargo State Park, which is a popular place to go camping in the summer.

Where Is Winder Georgia?

Winder is in Barrow County and part of the Atlanta metro area. While Winder is part of the metro area of Atlanta, the closest big city is Athens; Winder to Athens is 25 miles away. A few of the other cities near Winder GA are Lawrenceville, Jefferson, Covington, and Atlanta. When it comes to transportation, some of the major roads in Winder are State Routes 8, 11, 53, 81, 82, 211, and US Route 29.

Winder GA Population & Demographics

The population of Winder is 17,768, which means that since 2010, Winder has grown by 3,669 residents; the population density is 1,298.3 people per square mile. While this Georgia city might be small, moving to Winder is great for families because of the suburban lifestyle and assortment of things to do.

Winder demographics:

  • 60% White, 15% Hispanic, 2% Asian, 4% Biracial, 21% African American
  • Gender breakdown: 51% female and 49% male
  • 8.1% foreign-born population
  • Median household income: $57,708, which is less than the state median household income of $65,030
  • Median age: 37 years old
  • Educational attainment: 86.5% of the residents have graduated from high school, and 20.6% have received a Bachelor’s degree

When it comes to notable people in Winder, a few of the most popular are Olivia Nelson-Ododa, Jena Sims, and Chandon Sullivan.

The crime in Winder, GA, is 25% higher than the national average. The total Winder GA crime rate is 2,922 per 100k people. The violent crime rate is 486 per 100k people, and the property crime rate is 2,437 per 100k people. As you can see, property crime is the majority of the crime that takes place in Winder. While the total crime rate might be higher than the national average, living in Winder is still a great choice because there are plenty of safe neighborhoods!

The Winder Police Department works hard to serve and protect the community and the residents of Winder, GA!

Cost of Living in Winder

The cost of living in Winder is 1.6% lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to call home. If you’re wondering what the recommended yearly income for a family of four is to live comfortably in Winder, the Economic Policy Institute recommends $79,130 per year.

*The following information is based on Athens Georgia, which is 25 miles away from Winder.

Typical Winder living expenses

  • Meal, inexpensive restaurant: $12.00
  • Domestic beer (1 pint draught): $5.00
  • Milk (regular, 1 gallon): $3.41
  • Bread (1 loaf): $1.32
  • Oranges (1 pound): $2.20
  • Average cost of gasoline per gallon: $3.56
  • Fitness club (Per Month, 1 Adult): $20.00
  • Average Winder utilities per month: $324

Source: Numbeo

There are so many beautiful Winder GA homes for sale, and the median sale price for a house in Winder is $315,000. Depending on whether you want a single-family house, condo, or townhouse, the sale price for real estate can be more or less. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Single-family: $320,000
  • Condo: $295,000
  • Townhouse: $310,000

Interested in apartments for rent in Winder, GA? The average rent in Winder GA ranges from $1,800 to $2,100+ depending on the number of bedrooms and the square footage, according to RentCafe.

Winder Neighborhoods | Where to Live In Winder

Winder North | Family-friendly Winder suburb

Winder North is a middle-class suburban neighborhood in Winder, GA, and it’s more expensive than 53% of the other neighborhoods throughout the state of Georgia, with the median sale price of a home being $286,477. It’s a great place to settle down and call home.

Mulberry | An affluent Winder neighborhood

Mulberry is an affluent suburban Winder neighborhood. The median sale price for a home is $317,090, and most residents will drive to work. This neighborhood in Winder, GA, is a great place to plant your roots and raise your kids because it’s close to local kid-friendly attractions like the Hand Me Down Zoo, Signature Park, and the Beach at Fort Yargo Lake.

Weather Winder GA

Winder, GA, is a humid subtropical climate (Cfa). During the spring and summer months, you can expect the weather to be muggy and hot, with the temperature ranging from the mid-70s to the low-90s. The fall and winter months are cold, wet, and cloudy, and the temperature ranges from the low-50s to the low-60s.

The average rainfall in Winder is 44.2 inches per year, and the average snowfall in Winder is 2.8 inches per year. In the state of Georgia, some of the natural disasters that can occur are tornados, wildfires, flooding, and hurricanes.

The best time to visit Winder is from April to June and August to October, as the temperatures are more tolerable. You won’t experience any snowfall, plus, on average, there is less rain during these months. If you enjoy outside activities, the majority of these events will take place during the spring and summer months!

Things to Do in Winder GA

There are so many stores to check out in Winder, GA! Some of the most popular include Bealls Outlet, Belk, TJ Maxx, and Ingles Markets. If you’re looking to hit a shopping mall in Winder, the most popular are Winder Corners Shopping Center and Barrow Crossing. Here are some other fun things to do in Winder!

Fort Yargo State Park

Fort Yargo State Park is a local attraction that’s known for being a family-friendly spot that is perfect for all ages. With 1,816 acres, camping spots, picnic tables, playgrounds, a sand beach, and a 260-acre lake, Fort Yargo is one of the best spots to go fishing around Winder, GA!

210 S Broad St, Winder, GA 30680, (770) 867-3489


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Beach At Fort Yargo Lake

Located within the state park, the beach at Fort Yargo is a dog-friendly spot that’s perfect for cooling off during the summer. This beach is a common spot to enjoy a picnic during sunset and take in the beauty surrounding it.

210 S Broad St, Winder, GA 30680, (770) 867-3489


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Barrow County Museum

Barrow County Museum resides in the old county jail. With the original jail cells in place, visitors can experience a bit of the preserved history.

74 W Athens St, Winder, GA 30680, (770) 307-1183

Additional places to visit in Winder

Seven parks in Winder are taken care of by the Parks and Recreation Department. If you want to join a local event, check out the Winder event calendar. You’ll find a variety of festivals and events, and you can even join a cornhole league.

Restaurants in Winder, GA

Winder is home to a variety of restaurants and types of food. Here are some best restaurants in Winder, GA!

Friends Winder Grill

Friends American Grill is an award-winning restaurant in Winder, GA, that’s a locally owned business. With fresh ingredients, handmade food, and a full bar, this Winder restaurant is a family-friendly spot.

35 N Broad St, Winder, GA 30680, (770) 791-0033

Bistro Off Broad

Bistro Off Broad is a French American restaurant that always serves fresh food and focuses on farm-to-table dishes. With cocktail specials on Wednesdays and other weekly specials, the menu has a wide range of lunch and dinner options.

16 E Candler St, Winder, GA 30680, (678) 963-5517

Latin Flavors Steakhouse

Whether you’re interested in a private dining room, the beautiful views off the rooftop, or the speakeasy, the Latin Flavors Steakhouse has unique flavors and fresh ingredients.

21 E Athens St, Winder, GA 30680, (678) 975-7487

Winder GA Jobs

The top industries in Winder are education, retail, and construction, and the most popular employers in Winder, GA, are Barrow County School System, Duck Head, Magbee Contractors, and VanKirk Electric. The unemployment rate in Winder, GA, is 2.9%, which is well below the national average of 6%!

According to Payscale, the average hourly rate in Winder is $16.09, while the average salary is $63,000 per year. The Winder government has available jobs, so if you’ve always dreamt about working for the local Winder government, you can apply on their website. When it comes to Indeed, there are plenty of available jobs in Winder GA, ranging from entry-level to senior-level.

Barrow County Schools Winder GA

If you have children, you probably are curious about the schools they would be attending before deciding to move. Winder, GA, is part of the Barrow County School System, and some of the possible schools that you can choose within the city are Austin Road Elementary School, Haymon-Morris Middle School, Barrow Arts & Science Academy, and Winder-Barrow High School.

If you want to attend college, some of the local schools are Georgia Gwinnett College, the University of Georgia, Piedmont College, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

If you need to study, check out a book, or have a place to work remotely, the local Winder Public Library is your go-to spot.

Winder Statistics & Information

  • Winder County: Barrow
  • Winder area: 13.7 square miles
  • Winder GA zip code: 30680
  • Winder area codes: (470), (678), and (770)
  • Winder elevation: 988 feet above sea level
  • Winder time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • The closest airport: The closest airport to Winder is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (ATL) International Airport which is 59 miles away

Winder GA Map

Explore more shops, restaurants, amenities, and things to do with this Winder, GA map!

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