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living in doraville ga

Moving to Doraville GA [2024] | 🏅 What is it Like Living in Doraville

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2022, 06:47 am

The city of Doraville GA is located at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains in north-central Georgia. Part of Dekalb County, Doraville is a suburb of Atlanta and 10 miles northeast of Downtown Atlanta. It is an incredibly diverse and prosperous community with some of the most immigrant-owned small businesses in the Southeast. Considering this, the family-friendly city of Doraville is known for its high amount of multiculturalism in people, restaurants, and shops as well as being home to the former General Motors Assembly Plant. Along with an array of active civic organizations, parks, and historic neighborhoods, Doraville, GA provides its residents with a clean, environment and an affordable cost of living. The city of Doraville was incorporated in 1871 due to the Georgia General Assembly. Nowadays, the city is said to be “camera-ready” and is even a result of an eponymous hit song “Doraville” and an album “The Boys from Doraville” that was made by the 70s rock band Atlanta Rhythm Section. Let alone being just 15 miles from the endless amenities that Atlanta has to offer, living in Doraville will give you access to some of the region’s top public school systems, medical centers, and diverse workforce.

Doraville, GA Population & Demographics

According to the U.S Census, Doraville, GA has a population of 10,623 which has experienced a near 28% increase in the last decade. The median age of residents in Doraville is 31.6 and their homes have an average of 31.6 people per household. With a job increase rate of 2.9% in the last year, the median household income in Doraville sits at $61,007 which is just $217 below the state median.

With 41.1% of the population being foreign-born, Doraville is heavily racially diverse. 51% of the Doraville population are Hispanic, 26.9% are white, and 17.1% are Asian. American Indians and African Americans make up 3.9% and 3.4% of the Doraville, GA population. Regarding the gender ratio in Doraville, 52,1% of residents are male which leaves 47.9% female.

With a D- safety score on Crimegrade, the crime in Doraville is higher than the state and national average. However, the majority of the crime here is property crime which means that locking your doors at night and having your furry alarm system on guard should do the trick. Nonetheless, all 42 sworn officers of the Doraville Police Department will have your back covered in the case of an emergency.

Cost of Living in Doraville, GA

As recommended by the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Dekalb County should be making around $83,718 a year to live the most comfortably. The cost of living in Doraville is 7% below the U.S. average making it an affordable place to live. Doraville has a sales tax of 8%, an income tax of 6%, and a median house price of $351,500 according to Redfin– that’s $38,400 below the state median. Looking into renting an apartment in Doraville? The average monthly apartment rent in Doraville comes in at 1,384 on Rentcafe.

Doraville, GA Everyday Expenses

Below is a Payscale’s list of typical expenses you can expect to encounter while living in Doraville, GA.

  • Gas— $2.48
  • Gallon of milk— $1.99
  • Doctor’s visit— $116.47
  • Energy bill— $ 138.49
  • One dozen eggs— $1.86

Doraville, GA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Doraville

Many neighborhoods in Doraville are within an incredibly affordable and diverse housing market. Doraville is home to three primary neighborhoods of which all embrace post-WWII style homes– Northwoods, Oakcliffe, and Tilly Mill. Northwoods is home to bungalows and mid-century-style homes whereas the neighborhood of Oakcliff in Doraville has many ranch styles and split-level architecture from the 1960s. Tilly Mill is the oldest neighborhood in Doraville and shares similar home styles to Northwoods and Oakcliff in addition to lovely modern infill houses. This community in the north of Dorville will also bring you closer to the acclaimed Brook Run Park.

When you want to commute to the big city, the distance from Doraville to Atlanta is about 15 miles which will take you south on the road for 20 minutes. If you’re looking for a remarkably historical and museum boasting-city that is larger than Doraville yet smaller than Atlanta, the distance from Doraville to Marietta is just over 20 miles west. Wherever you end up, all areas in Doraville provide friendly atmospheres with outstanding corporate, artisan, and workforce communities.

Doraville, CA Climate & Weather

Doraville, CA experiences short, cold winters with lows of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and hot summers with highs of 88 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t ever have to worry about getting stuck in a snowstorm considering Doraville gets only 1 inch of snow per year. On the contrary, you may need an umbrella for the 53 inches of annual rainfall in Doraville and some shades for the 218 days of sunshine. With spring and fall as the most pleasant seasons, the best months to visit Doraville, GA are May, September, and October. The weather during these months is great for residents to walk their dogs in the city’s several parks!

Things to Do in Doraville, GA

There are plenty of places to go while living in Doraville, GA. When you’re looking for a great place to buy food, the Buford Highway Farmers Market is the place to go. When you’re in need of some new clothes, however, the Doraville plaza shopping center or the Gateway Plaza may be your best best. Take a look below at some things to do in Doraville!

Honeysuckle Park

This remarkable park in Doraville features baseball fields, football fields, an arena, and over 20 acres of walking trails! Talk about a great place to take the family!

3037 Pleasant Valley Dr, Doraville, GA 30340, +1 770-936-3850

MICS Karaoke

Whether you’re there for the drinks or to sing your heart out, this karaoke bar in Doraville is the perfect place to go with your friends and sing to various genres and songs! You and your group can even have your own private room!

6035 Peachtree Rd A-208, Doraville, GA 30360, +1 770-462-9999

Additional Attractions in Doraville, GA

The variety of facilities, parks, clubs, and arenas in Doraville are maintained by the City of Doraville Parks and Recreation Department. If you’re looking for Doraville city news, you can check that out here.

Doraville, GA Restaurants

E-Gyu Revolving Sushi & BBQ

Looking for tasty sushi with fresh ingredients and a wide selection of quality food? Then this excellent Japanese restaurant in Doraville should be right up your alley! Prepare for a great meal and a unique dining experience that will keep you coming back!

5979 Buford Hwy NE St A2, Atlanta, GA 30340, +1 470-395-8982

Mariscos el Sazon del Kora

This tasty and authentic Mexican restaurant is known for its delicious Mexican seafood and unique cuisine. If you’re in the mood for great food and excellent service, Mariscoc el Sazon del Kora in Doraville is the place to go!

7130 Buford Hwy NE B-160, Doraville, GA 30340, +1 470-395-2086

Jobs in Doraville, GA

For those hoping to work, keep in mind that Doraville exemplifies an extensively progressive leadership in the corporate world and is the corporate home to the large companies of Big Green Egg and Serta Simmons Bedding. Some of the top positions in Doraville relate to the medical, logistical, financial, and innovative fields whereas a few more of the most popular employers are American Signal Co. and ARGO Marchants Group. According to Payscale, Doraville has an average base salary of $48,000 and an average hourly rate of $14.70. If you’re looking for employment, try searching for jobs in and around Doraville, GA.

Doraville, GA Schools

The city of Doraville is served by the Dekalb County School District, The district aims to “ensure student success, leading to higher education, work, and life-long learning” and is home to five elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. Some of the top-rated schools in Doraville include Sequoyah Middle School and Doraville United Elementary.

If you’re a student taking advantage of the city’s close proximity to 30 of the nation’s leading academic institutions, you’ll have access to the Doraville Public Library when you’re in need of quiet study time.

Doraville, GA Statistics & Information

Doraville of Dekalb County has a land area of 5 square miles and a population density of 2,214.6 people per mile. The city of Doraville has an elevation of 1073 feet and zip codes ranging from 30340 to 30362. With the area code of 770, Doraville, GA is within the Eastern Time Zone. When you’re in need of long-distance travel, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is 25 miles south of Doraville.

Doraville, GA Map

Check out more places to go with this map of Doraville below!​​

Pros & Cons of Living in Doraville, GA

Pro: The city offers a wide variety of job opportunities and ethnic diversity!

Pro: Whether for work or recreation, take advantage of the city’s close proximity to downtown Atlanta!

Con: Keep in mind that the rate of crime here is above the state and national average.

Ready to begin living in Doraville, GA? You’ve come to the right place! Allow our professional Doraville, GA moving services to give you a stress-free relocation. Reach out to Wirks Moving at 404-635-6683 for a moving estimate today!

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