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moving to dacula

Living in Dacula GA [2024] | 🏅 Is Moving to Dacula Right for You?

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2022, 06:49 am

Nestled between the large cities of Atlanta and Athens lives the small yet mighty city of Dacula, Georgia. As an exurb of Atlanta, Dacula of Gwinnett County gives off a quiet and laid-back suburban feel while offering access to outstanding parks, nature trails, excellent job opportunities, and even reputable young sports programs. The friendly residents of Dacula further get to enjoy an array of shopping options and entertainment within the family-oriented city. Dacula didn’t start developing more until the late 1900s and remains one of the first places in the ​​Atlanta Metropolitan Area to be claimed by European settlers. The city of Dacula possesses some of the oldest standing buildings in the region– one of which is the Elisha Winn House. Dacula is also the home to the old-time country singer, Roba Standley, and the old-time fiddler, Gid Tanner. Along with an abundance of racial and economic diversity, Dacula is known for providing a small-town, safe feel while being accessible to– though indulged in– the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities.

Dacula, GA Population and Demographics

The outer-suburban city of Dacula maintains a vibrant economy and is the third most populated area in the state of Maryland. According to the United States Census, Dacula has a population of 6,882 which has experienced a near 41% increase in the last decade. The median age in Dacula, GA is 35.6 whereas the median household income sits at $80,192– well above the state average of $58,700. There is an average of 3.1 persons per household in Dacula, and 61% of residents are married. With 3.6% of the population unemployed, Dacula has a 2.9% job market increase which should be helpful. 

Dacula holds an extremely diverse racial community that contributes to the city’s remarkable cultural immersion. The racial demographics in Dacula have whites taking up 50.8% of the population, blacks making up 28.2%, Hispanic and Latinos at 17.4%, and two or more races at 3.9%. Dacula’s population is made up of 50.8% females thus a remaining 49.2% males.

With a solid A safety score on Crimegrade, the crime rate in Dacula is far below the national average – Dacula is a very safe place to live. Nonetheless, the majority of wrongdoing that occurs in Dacula is property crime which means that locking your doors when you leave and installing a doorbell camera should do the trick. In the case scenario, you’ve got all 930 sworn offers of the Gwinnett County Police Department to watch your back.

Cost of Living in Dacula, GA

With the city’s cost of living being 7% below the national average, Dacula is known to be one of the most affordable suburbs of Atlanta. Both the sales tax rate and income tax rate in Dacula are at 6%. As stated by Redfin, the current median sale price of a house in Dacula is $450,000. If signing a lease is on your list of things to do, the average apartment rent in Dacula is approximately $1,700 for a one-bedroom.

Dacula, GA Everyday Costs

Below is a list of Numbeo’s everyday costs in Dacula’s nearby city, Lawrenceville. Considering this, the prices below reflect– yet may not be the exact same prices as in Dacula. 

  • Basic utilities- $128.09
  • Gallon of milk- $2.52
  • Carton of eggs- $1.06
  • Gas- $2.09
  • Internet- $58.33

Dacula, GA Neighborhoods | Where to live in Dacula

Dacula is full of beautiful neighborhoods filled with vibrant gardens and captivating landscapes. One of which is the Apalachee Farms– a community in Dacula that is especially recognized for being home to the Trophy Club of Appalachee golf course. For those looking for peace, privacy, and close access to a top-rated elementary school, Dacula’s community of Daniel Park would be an excellent match. If you go about 2.5 miles north of Daniel Park, you’ll run into Hamilton Hill which offers residents and guests a fabulous tennis and swimming community as well as parks, schools, and many outdoor facilities.

If you wish to commute to the big city, the distance from Dacula to Atlanta is 37.5 miles southwest which keeps you on the road for about 40 minutes. Where ever you set up camp, Dacula, GA offers a considerable amount of natural, undeveloped beauty along with tranquil evenings, less traffic, and a phenomenal quality of life.

Dacula, DA Weather & Climate

Dacula, GA experiences short and cold winters with lows of 31 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the summers are hot and sunny with highs of 89 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes for perfect weather to stroll along the city’s hiking trails or to sit down and watch a Dacula football game! You won’t need snow boots with only 1 inch of snowfall in Dacula, but a raincoat may be necessary during the 52 inches of rainfall. On a brighter note, you’ll get to show off your sunglasses throughout the 220 days of sunshine in Dacula. With spring and fall as the most pleasant seasons, the top months to visit Dacula, GA are in May, October, and September


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Things to do in Dacula, GA

Along with easy access to retail stores, coffee shops, and locally owned family businesses, Dacula maintains a diverse and exceptional cultural setting. If you’re looking to spend some cash, you can always stop by the Dacula Villiage Shopping Center. Check out more fun things to do in Dacula below!

Little Mulberry Park

This extensive 890-acre park features 5.5 miles of paved and smooth-surface trails for multi-purpose use. Whether you’re enjoying the reposeful essence of nature or hoping to burn some hiking calories, Mulberry Park is a cant-miss park to go to in Dacula!

3800 Hog Mountain Rd, Dacula, GA 30019, +1 678-277-0850

Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center

If you’re looking for a great place to take the kids, this family entertainment center in Dacula is the place to go! It features everything from bowling, to fun games, to parties and events! 

1700 Winder Hwy NE #100, Dacula, GA 30019, +1 678-965-5707

Additional Attractions in Dacula, GA

All parks, and recreational facilities are maintained by the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation department. If you wish to tune in on events going on in the Dacula, you can check that out here.


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Dacula, GA Restaurants

Fat Cap BBQ

If you’re in the mood for delcious, high-quality smoked meals with homemade southern sides and desserts, this amazing family-owned BBQ restaurant in Dacula is the place to go!

2559 Pharr Ave, Dacula, GA 30019, +1 470-450-8040

Delight Grill Mediterranean Restaurant

This delcious Mediterranean restaurant offers guests a variey of healthy Mediterranean cuisine and great service. Whether you order the tasty Chicken Shish Kebab Platter or the Shawarma Wrap, this excellent restaurant is sure to keep you coming back!

802 Dacula Rd Suite 101, Dacula, GA 30019, +1 770-680-5876

Dacula, GA Map

Discover even more places to go and restaurants to eat at with this map of Dacula!


Jobs in Dacula, GA

For looking wanting to earn a living, some of the the most popular job positions in Dacula, GA consists of educational services, health care and social assistance, and retail trade. Some of the top companies in Dacula include Gwinnett County Public Schools, ​​ Northeast Georgia Medical Center, the Kroger Company.  According to Payscale, Dacula has an average base salary of $67,000 and a average hourly rate of $16.71 per hour. 

If you’re on the lookout for work, try searching online for open job listings in and around Dacula, GA. If commuting to the large city of Atlanta isn’t quite your style, the distance from Dacula to Athens is 35 miles east. Looking for somewhere to travel that’s even less populated than Athens but still more populated than Dacula?– You can try Lawrenceville whereas the distance from Dacula to Lawrenceville is just over six miles south.

Dacula, GA Schools

The city of Dacula is known as being home to an excellent educational system in which students often excel in both their athletics and academics. Composed of top-notch educators and administrators, all 24 schools in Dacula are served by the superior and large Gwinnett County Public Schools District. Some of the most recognized schools in Dacula are Fort Daniel Elementary School and Dacula High School.

Whether you’re a college student taking advantage of the numerous nearby colleges or a senior citizen on the hunt for a good book, you’ll have Dacula’s Gwinnett County Public Library to keep you busy!

Dacula, GA Statistics and Information

Dacula, GA of Gwinnett County has a land area of 5.448 square miles and a population density of 1,263 people per mile. The city of Dacula has an elevation of 1,050 feet and a zip code of 30019. With the area code of 770, Dacula, Georgia is within the Eastern Standard Time Zone. 

Tips for Moving to Dacula, GA

  • You can take advantage of the short drive to Atlanta without living in the traffic and hassle of the big city.
  • Get lost in Dacula’s beautiful landscapes and relaxing parks!
  • Enjoy the abundance of racial diversity and cultural immersion that Dacula has to offer.

Does living in Dacula, GA on your bucket list? Allow Wirks Moving to give you stress-free relocation with our top-rated and dependable Dacula moving services. Get your move started by reaching out to us at 404-635-6683 today!

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