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Living in & Moving to Avondale Estates, GA

Is Living in Avondale Estates, GA Right For You? 🤷‍♀️ | [2024] ULTIMATE Moving to Avondale Estates Guide

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2022, 06:50 am

The small and comfortable city of Avondale Estates, GA can be found about 8 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. It is bordered by Decatur, Belvedere Park, Scottdale, Clarkston, Pine Lake, and Stone Mountain.

Formerly known as Ingleside back in the 1800s, community lots were sold to new residents right before the turn of the century. The community was founded as Avondale Estates by George Francis Willis in 1924 and was named after Stratford-upon-Avon, which is where William Shakespeare was born. The area was officially incorporated as a city only a few years later in 1927.

Avondale Estates is known for its Tudor-style homes, diverse culture, and local arts scene.

Is Avondale Estates a good place to live? You can learn more about the many benefits of moving to Avondale Estates as you gather details about the population, local activities, job opportunities, and more.

1. People Living in Avondale Estates, GA – Population & Demographics

How many people live in Avondale Estates? Since the area covers such a small space, growth is limited with only a handful of people relocating to Avondale Estates every year. The Avondale Estates population is 3,144 residents with a median age of 49 years old.

Avondale Estates demographics are made up of about 85% Caucasian, 7% Black or African American, 3% Asian, and 2% Hispanic or Latino. The gender ratio leans heavily in favor of women with a split of 57% female and 43% male. The median household income in Avondale Estates is $110,000 per year.

Tudor Revival architecture strip mall in Avondale Estates, GA

Covering a geographical area of only about 1.24 square miles, Avondale Estates is located near the mid-central portion of DeKalb County. The local zip codes in Avondale Estates are 30002, 30030, and 30032. Phone numbers in the community generally have a 404 area code.

The time zone in Avondale Estates is Eastern Standard Time (EST) but switches to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) during daylight savings time. The community rests at an average elevation of 1,027 feet.

Is Avondale Estates a safe place to live? The crime rate in Avondale Estates is 6% lower than the national average and also has a violent crime rate that is 59% lower than average. Especially compared to nearby cities like Atlanta, Avondale Estates is a safe place to live.

Residents living in Avondale Estates are served and protected by the brave men and women of the Avondale Estates Police Department, which currently has 13 active police officers on the force.

2. Cost of Living in Avondale Estates, GA

How much does it cost to live in Avondale Estates, GA? The average cost of living in Avondale Estates is about 27% higher than the national average and about 34% higher than the Georgia state average. While local healthcare costs are lower, you can expect to pay more for other expenses like groceries, utilities, transportation, and the Avondale Estates real estate market.

The homeownership rate in Avondale Estates is 87.9% with the majority of residents buying their properties. Avondale Estates, GA homes for sale range from small, cottage-style homes to beautiful properties costing upwards of $750,000. The average price of a home in Avondale Estates is $615,000.

Avondale Estates property tax rates are 1.070%, which means a $615,000 home will have about $6,581 per year in annual property taxes.

The remaining 12% of people living in Avondale Estates rent their homes or apartments. The average price of rent in Avondale Estates is about $1,105 per month, but this amount has increased by 19% in the last 12 months alone.

3. Avondale Estates Neighborhoods

Where should you live in Avondale Estates? As you look through the top-rated neighborhoods in Avondale Estates, a few of the best options include:

  • Old Decatur
  • Midway Woods 
  • Lantern Ridge 

Avondale Estates operates multiple local parks including Willis Park and Avondale Park as well as other amenities like the Avondale Estates Historic District and Avondale Lake. These locations are all open to residents living in the area and are managed by the Avondale Estates Parks & Recreation Department.

4. Avondale Estates, GA Weather & Climate

With a humid subtropical climate in Avondale Estates, people moving to the city can expect warm, muggy summers followed by cold, wet winters. Avondale Estates weather gets an average of 52 inches of rain annually, while there are only about 1.5 inches of snow per year.

The average temperature in Avondale Estates during the summer varies from the low 70s at night to the low 90s during the day. Humidity levels often reach well over 80% during the hotter parts of the year, leaving the weather feeling wet and muggy. Winter temperatures dip into the mid-30s at night with average daytime temps in the mid-50s.

5. Things to Do in Avondale Estates

There is a great selection of fun places to visit, interesting local attractions, and other activities to experience in Avondale Estates.

37 Main Avondale Estates

A can’t miss thing to do in Avondale Estates is the local live music venue of 37 Main. This popular destination offers exciting concerts, comedy shows, and other live events for people of all ages.

37 Main Avondale Estates, 106 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, GA 30002  (678) 377-5586

Your DeKalb Farmers Market

One of the best places to visit near Avondale Estates is the vastly popular DeKalb Farmers Market. This beloved attraction has been running since 1977 and connects people living in Avondale Estates with local vendors and farmers offering produce, baked goods, and much more.

DeKalb Farmers Market, 3000 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030  (404) 377-6400

Residents enjoy having easy access to convenient shopping in Avondale Estates with destinations like Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, local grocery stores, and the Twin Oaks Shopping Center.

Additional Avondale Estates Attractions

6. Avondale Estates Restaurants

 Whenever it’s time for a night out to eat, people moving to Avondale Estates will have plenty of great options for local places to eat.

My Parents’ Basement

Among the top restaurants in Avondale Estates, My Parents’ Basement is a unique option that offers both a comic store and diner in one place. They offer yummy bar food and a fantastic spread of craft beers to choose from.

My Parents’ Basement, 22 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, GA 30002  (404) 292-4607

Skips Chicago Dogs

One of Avondale Estates’ top places to eat is Skips Chicago Dogs, featuring an All-American menu of great food. Along with their mouthwatering selection of pure beef hot dogs, they also offer grilled sandwiches, chicken wings, french fries, onion rings, and more.

Skips Chicago Dogs, 48 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, GA 30002  (404) 292-6703

7. Jobs in Avondale Estates

The average salary in Avondale Estates is $72,000 per year. The state income tax rate for local residents is 6%. The current Avondale Estates unemployment rate is 4.8%.

There are plenty of great Avondale Estates jobs to be found in and around the city limits. Some of the best places to work in Avondale Estates are:

Many people living in the area commute for work from Avondale Estates to Atlanta, which is about 8 miles away and takes about 20 minutes to drive there.

8. Avondale Estates Schools

Making up about 20% of the population, there are around 628 kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old living in Avondale Estates. The great schools and local kid-friendly activities are some of the reasons why Avondale Estates is an excellent place for families to live.

Avondale Estates, GA on a map

Local schools in Avondale Estates are part of the DeKalb County School District, which includes:

  • DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts
  • Museum School Avondale Estates
  • Museum School Avondale Estates
  • DeKalb School of the Arts (ranked 6th among the top Georgia high schools)

The closest colleges and universities to Avondale Estates are Agnes Scott College, Emory University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

All students and other people residing in Avondale Estate have free access to the nearby DeKalb County Public Library.

Map of Avondale Estates, GA

It’s easy to find other interesting things to do, great restaurants, and other local activities with this Avondale Estates map.

Living in Avondale Estates Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Family-friendly neighborhoods that offer plenty of great amenities for all ages.
  • Pro: There are great job opportunities to be found both in town and in nearby cities.
  • Con: The higher cost of living may be out of reach for some individuals interested in living there.

Moving to Avondale Estates, GA

Now that you’re aware of all the best reasons to move to Avondale Estates, are you ready to take the plunge and relocate to the area? The top-rated Avondale Estates movers here at Wirks Moving are standing by ready to help! Contact us today at (404) 635-6683 or fill out the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!

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