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Moving Out of State from Atlanta

Last Updated on: 27th August 2021, 02:37 pm

As top-rated Atlanta movers, we know how stressful long distance moves can be. If you have decided to leave Georgia for a new chapter in your life, Wirks Moving & Storage wants you to be prepared.

How to Move to Another State from Atlanta

There is a lot to do and prepare in the weeks leading up to your move. After years of being the most referred Atlanta long distance movers, we know what it takes to pull off a cross-country move from Atlanta.

Out of State Moving Checklist

8 Weeks Ahead of TimeWirks Moving - Moving check list

  1. Schedule a free Atlanta moving quote with Wirks Moving & Storage
  2. Create a realistic budget for moving expenses
    • Now that you have your estimate and quotes, it’s time to schedule your budget. A realistic budget should include any necessary hotel stays, gas, food, and emergency funds
  3. Schedule plenty of time to get yourself organized
    • Sit down and create a moving schedule. If possible, request time off from work to allow yourself plenty of time to get organized and keep stress at bay.
  4. Research schools and request transcripts and documents
    • If you have children, look into their new schools and find out what you’ll need for registration. Make sure to request copies from their current school as well as backup birth certificates.
  5. Plan a garage sale
    • Plan a day to have a yard sale and start putting aside anything you want to include.

6 Weeks Ahead of Time

  1. Get Atlanta moving boxes and supplies from Wirks Moving & Storage
    • Wirks Moving & Storage can supply everything you need for your move. Remember to get boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and colored tape or markers for labeling.
  2. Mark your boxes and create an inventory list
    • As you pack, mark you boxes with rooms and numbers to help the unpacking process. An inventory list is also a smart idea to help you find everything as you unpack in your new home.
  3. Label baggies for hardware
    • There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to put your furniture together and you can’t find the hardware. Label baggies for each piece of furniture and pack them together for easy access.
  4. Research moving day requirements
    • If you are moving to an apartment or HOA community, there may be strict regulations on when you can move in or out. Find these out ahead of time to avoid complication.
  5. Look over any necessary home repairs before moving out
    • Whether you are selling your home or moving out for the next renters, it’s a good idea to handle any small repairs well ahead of time.
  6. Create a packing schedule
    • They key to avoiding stress is to pack a little everyday. Look at your calendar and choose which areas to work on each day.

4 Weeks Ahead of Time

  1. Research truck parking options
    • Check to see if your current or new home require permits to park your moving trucks on moving day.
  2. Organize records and documents
    • Get all of your families birth certificates, medical and dental records, and tax records organized and in one place.
  3. Return all borrowed items
    • Library books, your neighbor’s shovel, that bakeware you borrowed from your best friend, get them all back to their rightful owners before you accidentally pack them.
  4. Plan your route and book hotels
    • Check the map to see how long your trip is going to take and book hotels for any necessary overnighters. This is a good time to plan any sites you’d like to see along your route.
  5. Schedule utility installations
    • You don’t want to get to your new place and find yourself moving into a house with no electricity, heat, or cable. Find the best rates for your new home and schedule all installations and hook ups. Be sure to let your current companies know when to cancel as well.
  6. Get your pets ready
    • Make sure your fur babies are up to date on vaccines, have a comfy mode of travel, and get detailed tags in case they escape along the way or at your new home.

2 Weeks Ahead of Time

  1. Backup your computer
    • You never know what can happen. Back up all pertinent information so you know it’s safe.
  2. Set up trash service
    • Don’t let your new neighbors get to know you by the moving waste left at the curb. Set up trash and recycling at your new place and cancel your current service.
  3. Change your address
    • Everyone from the post office, to your employer, and Amazon needs to know your new address.
  4. Transfer your homeowner’s policy
    • Keep your home insured and safe. Transfer your current policy or set up a new one.
  5. Fill and transfer your prescriptions
    • Don’t put your health in jeopardy. Fill all your prescriptions and fill any that you’re low on before you move.

The Week of Your Move

  1. Donate unopened food to food pantries or shelters
  2. Confirm moving appointments
    • Call Wirks Moving & Storage to confirm your dates and times.
  3. Clean up for the next resident
    • You want the next residents to love your home as much as you did. Clean it up to give them a fresh start.
  4. Unplug your fridge and freezer the night before
    • Put towels down to collect moisture.
  5. Check all your high shelves and corners
    • Look in all the nooks and crannies to make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind.
  6. Pack an “overnight” box
    • Pack a box with all the vital items you will need for the first 24-48 hours in your new home.

Moving DayMoving out of state - Wirks Moving & Storage

  1. Wake up early
    • Rise and shine! It’s moving day. Wake up early and get ready for Wirks Moving & Storage to arrive.
  2. Do a final walk through
    • Once everything is on the truck, do one last walk through. Grab anything you’ve forgotten and say goodbye.
  3. Set up your bed and bathroom
    • The first thing you should set up in your new home is your bed and your bathroom. You’ll thank us when you can easily shower and nap during the move in process.


Atlanta Long Distance Movers

Moving out of state from Atlanta can be quite daunting and as the best long distance movers Atlanta has to offer, Wirks Moving & Storage is here to cover all the bases. Our major league moving service include packing and unpacking, uninstalling and reinstalling you appliances at your new address, and planning the logistics of your relocation form start to finish. We stress consistent, clear communication at every level of our company and it is important to us that our clients always are always in the loop. We offer a truck tracking service that allows you to check on the safety and status of your belongings so you can rest easy knowing that your stuff is in the best hands.

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