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_Living in North Druid Hills, GA

Thinking of Moving to North Druid Hills? 🚚 | ULTIMATE Living in North Druid Hills Guide

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2022, 06:58 am

North Druid Hills, Georgia also known as Briarcliff is a census-designated place and unincorporated community located in DeKalb County, Georgia. A popular suburb of Atlanta, North Druid Hills’s history began when Chapman Powell built his “Medicine House” in the 19th century. The home still stands today in Stone Mountain Park. Even after its post-World War II population boom, North Druid Hills remained largely rural until the 1960s, when Executive Park was built. Upon its completion, the area experienced another boom, and it remains a sought-after place to live. But would living in North Druid Hills be good for you? Let’s find out!

North Druid Hills, GA Population & Demographics

The population of North Druid Hills is 18,331 people.. North Druid Hills is a somewhat diverse place to live, with a demographic breakdown of 61.7% white, 9.9% Hispanic, 13.0% Black or African American, 10.5% Asian, and 4.9% Mixed or Other races. Married couples only account for 29.2% of households in North Druid Hills, and just 13.3% of homes include children under the age of 18. Wondering if North Druid Hills is a safe place to live? Total crime in North Druid Hills is 55% lower than the national average, making North Druid Hills a very safe place to live. Your chances of being the victim of a crime in North Druid Hills is 1 in 719. This is thanks to the Druid Hills Patrol.

North Druid Hills Cost of Living

If you’re thinking of relocating, you’re surely wondering how your budget will work in your new area. So is North Druid Hills affordable? That will depend on your earning power and lifestyle, but overall North Druid Hills is 17% more expensive than the national average. Housing in North Druid Hills accounts for a lot of this increase – housing in North Druid Hills is 56% more expensive than the national average. Transportation and health care are only 2% more expensive, and groceries will cost you about 5% more. Utilities are a bright spot when it comes to budgeting in North Druid Hills, where you can expect to pay 15% less than the national average.

Homeownership in North Druid Hills is much lower than the national average. In North Druid Hills, the homeownership rate is only about 38.6%; the national average is 64.1%. Good news for house hunters: North Druid Hills’s real estate market is only somewhat competitive. Median sale price for a home in North Druid Hills is $442,500, which is an increase of 7.4% since last year.  Homes in North Druid Hills usually stay on the market for about 3 weeks, and can actually sell for slightly less than asking price. Only a few homes sell for over asking, and only at about 1% more. Click here to browse through what’s currently on the market in North Druid Hills.

In North Druid Hills, around 61.4% of people rent their homes. The average cost of rent in North Druid Hills is $1,204 per month, which is more than $250 higher than the national average of $949.

North Druid Hills, GA Neighborhoods

North Druid Hills is divided into 13 distinct neighborhoods. The top-rated neighborhoods in North Druid Hills are Toco Hills, Briarcliff, and Highland Lake. The Toco Hills neighborhood is in the eastern end of North Druid Hills, and there are two large shopping centers within. If you’re looking to be close to restaurants and other amenities, look at the Briarcliff neighborhood. Highland Lake is also close to shopping and groceries, as well as easy access to parks. North Druid Hills also provides for some convenient shopping including Toco Hills Shopping Center and Village at Druid Hills.

North Druid Hills, GA Weather

You’ll enjoy all four seasons when you live in North Druid Hills. North Druid Hills has a climate that is classified as humid subtropical, meaning hot and humid summers followed by cool winters with occasional snowstorms. January is the coldest month in North Druid Hills, when average high temperatures drop to 50.5°F, and lows reach 34.9°F. The warmest month in North Druid Hills is July, when highs reach an average of 90.7°F. If you move to North Druid Hills, you’ll want to keep your rain gear handy. The area doesn’t receive a lot of rain (about 14.72” a year), but there are 134.6 days of rainfall.

Things to Do in North Druid Hills

Even though you’ll be living a stone’s throw from Atlanta, you’ll have plenty of options for outdoor recreation in North Druid Hills. Here are some of North Druid Hills’s residents favorite places to unwind: 

Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary


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If you’re looking to commune with nature, head to Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary. This small nature preserve included walking and hiking trails, picnicking areas, and viewing platforms. Need a place for your little ones to play? Kittredge Park Playground is right outside the sanctuary.

1520 Kittredge Park Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

Mason Mill Park

Mason Mill Park has something for everyone! Within the park is a 120 acre forest with some of the best biking and hiking trails in DeKalb County. Mason Mill Park also offers tons of nature programs led by its rangers, so you can learn all about the wildlife within.

1406-1458 McConnell Dr, Decatur, GA 30033, (404) 371-2000

Additional Things to do in and around North Druid Hills

North Druid Hills also has three great parks. You can see more about them on the Dekalb County Parks and Rec site.

North Druid Hills Restaurants

You’ll have so many great restaurant options living in North Druid Hills, it will be hard to choose! And if there isn’t something that satisfies your craving, you have all of Atlanta’s restaurants right down the road. Here are a few of the best rated places North Druid Hills residents love to dine:

The General Muir


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If you’re in the mood for a fabulous sandwich, head to The General Muir. This upscale Jewish deli will transport you to New York City! You’ll love their freshly baked bread, in-house cured and smoked pastrami, and their espresso bar.

1540 Avenue Pl B-230, Atlanta, GA 30329, (678) 927-9131

Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ

The South is known for its BBQ, so why not try a spot with a Hawaiian twist? Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ brings traditional “local food,” keeping within the traditions that stretch back to the East-West Pacific flavors crated in the 1920s. Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ is a fun experience, with customers receiving leis and traditional Hawaiian dancers entertaining the diners.

2160 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329, (404) 638-1115

North Druid Hills, GA Map

Explore more restaurants, things to do, and attractions in North Druid Hills by checking out the map below.

North Druid Hills Statistics & Information

North Druid Hills is located in DeKalb County. North Druid Hills’s zip codes are 30033, 30306, 30324, and 30329. The elevation of North Druid Hills is 1,014 feet. North Druid Hills is in the Eastern Standard Zone. North Druid Hills is just 5 square miles in area.

Jobs in North Druid Hills, GA

The median household income in North Druid Hills is $66,660 per year. Great news – salaries in North Druid Hills rose by almost 7% last year! In North Druid Hills, the most popular jobs in North Druid Hills are management, health diagnosing and treating practitioners, and education positions. The biggest industries that employ North Druid Hills residents are the health care and social assistance, educational services, and professional/scientific/technical service industries. About 12.2% of North Druid Hills residents live below the poverty line, which is just slightly less than the national average. Women in North Druid Hills between the ages of 18 and 24 are the demographic most affected by poverty.

If your current commute is a pain, you’ll love living in North Druid Hills! The average commute time in North Druid Hills is about 22 minutes, which is over 3 minutes faster than the national average. About 75% of North Druid Hills residents choose to drive solo to work, and more than half of North Druid Hills households own two cars. Will you be working in Atlanta and living in North Druid Hills? Your commute will be a breeze! Click here to see what the 10 mile drive from North Druid Hills to Atlanta will be like.

Looking for employment in the North Druid Hills area? Click here to check out what is currently listed in North Druid Hills on Indeed.com. Would you prefer to work for a city? If you would rather be employed by the City of Atlanta, they are hiring! Click here to see what positions are currently available.

Schools in North Druid Hills, GA

North Druid Hills is served by DeKalb County Schools. The top rated schools in North Druid Hills are Briar Vista Elementary School, Oak Grove Elementary and Sagamore Hills Elementary. North Druid Hills is also home to the Margaret Harris Comprehensive School, which is an alternative elementary school for children with disabilities. If parents prefer to send their children to a private or parochial school, there are 8 in the area to choose from. Students will also have access to the free public library Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams Library.

Living in North Druid Hills Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Lots of parks and green spaces
  • Pro: Easy access to Atlanta
  • Con: High real estate costs

Making a move to North Druid Hills? Hire North Druid Hills’s best rated professional moving company to ensure an easy transition! Give Wirks Moving a call today at 404-635-6683 to discuss your move!

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