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Lake Claire – Atlanta | [2024] COMPLETE 🎯 Living in & Moving to Lake Claire Neighborhood Guide

Last Updated on: 31st May 2023, 04:26 pm

A hip and affluent neighborhood in Atlanta inhabited mostly by professionals, artists, and other upper class individuals, Lake Claire is named not for a lake, but an old ‘20s garden club, or a combination of street names, depending on who you ask. This community is primarily known for its community-oriented residents, parks and greenspaces, and cultural events. Local organizations like the Lake Claire Neighbors maintain this neighborhood’s unique communal features, giving this neighborhood a feel that cannot be replicated elsewhere. If you want to live in a unique and hip community, look no further than Lake Claire!

Lake Claire, Atlanta, GA History

The area of Lake Claire was occupied by natives for thousands of years before European arrival. When Europeans did arrive, it was held by the Creek people. They were forced out by 1822, and in the same year, Europeans created the first settlements that would eventually constitute Atlanta and Lake Claire. With the construction of rail lines through the area, Atlanta eventually became something of an industrial powerhouse.

As for Lake Claire specifically, it had its origins in a series of developments undertaken in 1910. Street by street, the developments were incorporated into the city of Atlanta. At this time, much of the area was simply empty lots, which buyers sought to build property on, although there were properties built by developers.

The first family to live here, the Gordons, had built a home on the site which is now the Horizons School. Although their home was torn down in the ‘40s, they were an important part of Lake Claire’s founding. Nowadays, Lake Claire is a hip residential community which is one of the finest in Atlanta.

Lake Claire, Atlanta, GA Location & Transportation

Lake Claire sits directly on the hydrographic Eastern Continental Divide, on the Gulf side. In terms of Atlanta, Lake Claire is bordered by Candler Park, Druid Hills, Decatur, and Kirkwood, all other well-off Atlanta neighborhoods.

Being a suburb, many Lake Claire residents commute into the city proper for a variety of reasons. A car can utilize Atlanta’s many highways and roads to get where you need to go, but if you’d rather take a bus or train, Atlanta has plenty of options for you, too. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority manages much of Atlanta’s public transportation, providing heavy rail, buses, and a light rail in the downtown area.

If you’re someone who’s active and likes to bike, you’re in luck! Atlanta is in the process of constructing hundreds of miles of bike lanes to make the city more friendly to bikers.

People, Lifestyle, and Culture of Lake Claire, Atlanta, GA

Lake Claire is home to 2,697 people, and has an estimated 1,200 homes within its limits. Demographically, 86% are White, 3% are Black, and another 3% are Hispanic. There is also another 3% of the population that is Asian. Lake Claire’s population has a majority of women over men, particularly in the college-age cohort.

Lake Claire’s appeal is a result of its community-oriented population and wealth of parks and greenery, making this neighborhood stand out in beauty and sense of solidarity with its neighbors. Combined with its hip and cool residents, this area is some of the best real estate in all of Atlanta.

Thinking about whether Lake Claire is a safe community to live in? Atlanta itself has had a bad rap due to high crime during the past few decades, but the city has recently become safer and safer. Lake Claire even more so – as it’s mostly suburban, far less crime occurs here, and mostly just theft. This means that Lake Claire is a very safe place to live in.

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in Lake Claire, Atlanta, GA

As a mostly residential community, Lake Claire doesn’t have much in the way of shopping within its limits, aside from a few disparate specialty stores. However, there’s plenty of excellent shopping nearby. For instance, the hip and cool Findley Plaza lies only a few miles or so to the west, providing access to many interesting shops and restaurants along with a vibrant public space filled with performers.

Looking for good restaurants in the Lake Claire area? Have no fear, for Lake Claire has plenty of great restaurants nearby! For the classic Georgia cuisine, there are few better options than the Flying Biscuit Cafe. Now a chain, the charming Southern breakfast chain has its original restaurant located just west of Lake Claire’s limits, and is a beloved favorite of people from all over Atlanta. In fact, it was rated as one of Atlanta’s best restaurants in 2017 by INsite, and Zomato gave it the same award in 2018. If that’s not enough for you, Sun in my Belly is yet another highly-rated cafe in the area, with an excellent menu of American dishes, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Restaurants are all well and good, but attractions are another primary draw for most looking to move into an area. Again, Lake Claire’s residential nature means that there is little in the way of attractions within Lake Claire, although there are plenty nearby! Serving as the heart of Lake Claire is the Lake Claire Park, which has plenty of open greenery for sports or picnicking, as well as some impressive play structures for the little ones. There’s also the semi-famous Lake Claire Community Land Trust, which has walking trails, an amphitheater, and even a farm with an emu.

Lake Claire Map

Lake Claire, Atlanta, GA Real Estate

Lake Claire’s great position, hip community, and diverse home styles draw in people from all over. This, combined with its affluence, leads to some hefty prices on housing and utilities. The median sale price of a home in Lake Claire is $738,750, which is very high for the Atlanta area. For comparison, the median property price in Atlanta is $359,500, and the median property price in Georgia is $202,500. According to Redfin, the median amount of time for a house to be on the market in this area is 34 days, with 37.5% of homes being sold above listing price. Lake Claire’s housing market is very competitive.

There is no data for Lake Claire renting, but the average monthly rent in Atlanta overall is $1,790 per month. Owing to its mostly residential nature, it’s unlikely that there will be many opportunities for renting in Lake Claire. The benefit of living in Lake Claire is a selection of great properties in close proximity to some of Atlanta’s most exciting areas, so be ready to fork out the cash for a proper house. Don’t despair – they’re all worth the price!

If you’re interested in looking at listings for Lake Claire’ homes, take a look at some Lake Claire, Atlanta, GA real estate options here.

In terms of education, Lake Claire is served by the Atlanta Public School District. Zoned schools in the area include the Mary Lin Elementary School, Samuel Inman Middle School, and Henry Grady High School.

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