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How to Schedule an Atlanta Furniture Donation Pickup

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2022, 07:06 am

When you are cleaning out your house to declutter, renovate, or even move to a new location, chances are you’ll decide to get rid of some furniture. Most of the pieces may still be in good working condition, so you may not want to throw it away. Instead, you can donate items to the leading Atlanta furniture donation pickup centers.

By doing so, you are not only helping keep the environment clean, but you’re also contributing to the efforts of local charities as they continue doing good in your community. Before you decide it’s easier to leave your furniture by the curb, remember your furniture donation could have an enormous impact on someone’s life. That old couch might seem too worn in your eyes, but may be gold to a homeless person or a struggling family.

You may also feel that since you don’t have a pickup truck, you can’t deliver your furniture to your preferred organization. Luckily for you, there are plenty of charities in Atlanta that pick up furniture across the region, so you won’t have to lift a finger to perform the generous deed.

What to Keep in Mind When Donating Furniture

Donating your old and unused furniture to a charitable organization is a compassionate act, as well as a tax-saving strategy. Furniture in good condition qualifies for a deduction when filing your yearly tax returns. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your donation.

Coin stacks with the TAX on them

The Fair Market Value

The standard tax rule for furniture donations is that you can comfortably write off the furniture’s current fair market value. The IRS doesn’t highlight specific values, but instead quotes the price a willing seller would bid and a willing buyer would part with if it got sold. Most of the Atlanta furniture donation pickup charities issue a comprehensive list of furniture prices based on the condition of the item to give the buyer an idea of the fair market value.

The Adjustment for Gains

It’s mandatory to reduce the fair market value of the donated furniture by any amount that constitutes ordinary income, if you sell it instead of giving it away as a donation. This would include the furniture price above the material cost if you assembled it or the increase in value above your initial purchase price. This typically only matters if you’ve owned the furniture for less than a year.

Deduction Limits

The IRS limits the maximum amount you can deduct from your taxes for charitable donations to 50% of your adjusted yearly gross income. Eligibility for the deduction is based on the ‘good condition used’ furniture.

The tax deduction applies to the donation made to charitable organizations that are run on a non-profit making basis. The tax code has not set limits for how much to deduct. Following the generous act of giving, you can maximize your tax saving based on the prior knowledge on how the deduction works and the records you have been keeping.

But to qualify for this deduction contribution, the donation must be made to a charitable organization. Contributions given directly to individuals, no matter how needy and deserving they may be, you are not allowed to claim any tax deductions. Donating to any organization that runs for a profit also doesn’t qualify as a charitable organization for a tax deduction.

Deducting Charitable Miles

If you opt to deliver the furniture to one of the charity organizations on your own, you are allowed to add the cost of transportation to your generous contribution deductions. The IRS offers a mileage rate that can be used to calculate the value of oil and gas burned to reach your destination. Along with using the mileage rate, you can also add tolls and parking fees to your deduction.

Donations Accepted

All furniture donations must be in good physical and working condition, regardless of whether the item is new or used. You can donate furniture items such as sofa sets, nightstands, bookshelves, end tables, and rugs. They may not be able to accept some things due to safety concerns, facility limitations, and marketability of the items.

Furniture Donation Companies in Atlanta

Goodwill Thrift Store & Donation Center

Goodwill is one of the most well-known charities among Atlanta furniture donation pickup centers. It is open seven days a week, and the staff restocks furniture items nearly every day. All in-store merchandise is refreshed every three weeks.

Man and woman holding furniture in a used furniture store

The Goodwill organization seeks to job train and provide employment placement services, while also carrying out community outreach programs for underprivileged members of society. Once someone buys your furniture from Goodwill, the funds are wired directly towards furthering a charity cause.

To donate your furniture before moving, drop the items at any local Goodwill Thrift Stores near you. The majority of their locations also offer pickup services. You can call the closest store to you if you don’t have a truck or your items are too heavy.

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore

The Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells new and slightly used furniture, as well as other household items at a fraction of the retail price. Thanks to donations received from their Atlanta furniture donation pickup services, they are well stocked with many quality pieces. With each donation, volunteers at the ReStore’s charity are able to transform the community by providing revitalized standards of living, education, innovative partnerships, and personal development.

Habitat for Humanity was initiated by a non-profit Christian ministry based on the principle that everyone deserves a decent, safe, and affordable home. It works to achieve this by building affordable homes for needy and deserving families.

Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta is driven to ensure everyone has the necessary furniture to create a safe and secure living environment. The center recycles gently-used furniture from the surrounding community and gives it to the underprivileged, the homeless, and those under protection from domestic violence.

In case you are not in a position to deliver your donations to the bank’s nearest warehouse, the furniture can be picked up by one of their drivers. As long as your furniture is outside your home or in your garage, their Atlanta furniture donation pickup is free and can be scheduled at your convenience. But for furniture in your home or apartment, there is a $20 pick up fee. The fee covers their operations costs since the furniture bank doesn’t sell any of the donated furniture.

Pick It Up Express

Pick It Up Express offers pickups for furniture from those willing to contribute towards the well being of kidney disease patients in Atlanta.

The charity picks up small furniture you no longer use to generate proceeds that help them provide direct financial assistance to the patients, sustain education and awareness programs, as well as reduce the trash resulting from thrown away furniture.

Schedule Your Atlanta Furniture Donation Pickup

It is comforting to know how some of the small deeds you do end up having a positive impact on someone’s life. Through the generosity of individuals and these companies, thousands of individuals and families can now afford furniture for their home.

These simple acts of giving yield plenty of benefits ranging from tax deductions to simply doing good for those in need. Regardless of how small or insignificant an item may seem, schedule your Atlanta furniture donation pickup today.

Two movers carrying a dresser into a moving truck

You can make a major difference by offering these charitable gifts. You can change the world, while empowering others. It goes a long way, giving a positive return to the lives of those who donate.

If you’re deciding to donate because you’re moving to Atlanta, Wirks Moving & Storage can assist you with everything from packing to transporting your belongings to the new location. Please feel free to contact us if you need help with your upcoming move.

Are you looking for an agency to do a pick up of your donated furniture? Please reach out to one of the agencies mentioned above. Do not call Wirks Moving.

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