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Atlanta Home Inspectors

Atlanta Home Inspections | | [2024] Top 🕵️ Atlanta Home Inspectors & How to Choose

Last Updated on: 23rd December 2022, 06:03 pm

The southeastern United States continues to grow in population much more quickly than the rest of the country. Ample job opportunities, wonderful weather, popular sports teams, and low cost of living all contribute to the population boom we’ve seen over the past twenty years. Atlanta is no different. The housing market, particularly since the pandemic, has been insanely prolific. Many first time home buyer programs in Atlanta make the city a popular destination for young couples. We’ve moved thousands of customers into and around Atlanta and a good portion of them have been in just the past few years. Northerners are moving south because companies understand their employees can be just as effective working remotely as they were in their NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, or Washington offices. Locals are moving into new homes as the developments have been popping up seemingly overnight. With so many new customers calling on us to join the Wirks family and move into Atlanta, we figured it was a good idea to create a list of the best Atlanta home inspectors to help everybody out because you need a home inspector once you’re under contract. 

How to Find a Home Inspector in Atlanta – Tips & What to Look For

Home Inspections in Atlanta

We’ve already established that Atlanta is a rapidly growing city. The infrastructure of the entire city isn’t exactly “old” in the way some cities are. The aforementioned NYC, Philly, Boston, Washington, for instance – they’re much older and need to worry about decrepit and decaying foundations because of harsh winter freezes and snow melt. A few hundred years of that and you’d expect a house to need some serious TLC. In Atlanta, we have other issues to be concerned with and it’s important that your Atlanta home inspector is intimately familiar with them.

Most of the homes in Atlanta are less than 100 years old and a significant portion of them have been built in the last three decades, which is great when it comes to adequate plumbing, modern electrical frameworks, and more strict laws to follow for interior and exterior structural integrity. Unfortunately, because of the big boom in population and piping hot housing market, a lot of homes are being rushed to market. We weren’t kidding when we said developments seem to be built overnight. Contractors are known to cut corners to speed along projects, save money, and appease the clients that hired them, resulting in questionable work and tactics that only the best and most qualified Georgia home inspectors will see. Try to keep these points in mind when choosing a home inspector in Atlanta:

  • Construction Experience – It is essential that your hired home inspector has familiarity with construction in the Atlanta area. You want somebody with experience that knows exactly what to look for when it comes to shotty work or cut corners.
  • Insurance – Professionals that can provide proof of insurance policy should always be required when you’re looking for an Atlanta home inspector. 
  • Certifications and Licenses – Many states require home inspectors to be licensed by the state to actually open a business and practice home inspecting. It’s not a requirement that buyers work with Georgia licensed home inspectors but Georgia recently became one of these such states that require inspectors to get a license. InterNACHI is the world’s leading association for home inspectors and the state of Georgia now requires home inspectors to have this license, at the very least, to be a legal business. There are plenty of other certifications that will prove your home inspector is worth his/her weight and we suggest you ask about them. For instance, we recommend that an inspector be governed by the American Society of Home Inspectors as well.
  • Advanced Training(s) – Not to be confused with certifications and licensing. There are a whole slew of specialized training certifications home inspectors can get. Living in the southeastern USA, you’re going to want somebody who is intimately familiar with pests and pest prevention. The last thing you want to do is buy a home with walls that are home to termites!  Look for plumbing, electrical, and mold/mildew experts as well. Don’t be afraid to ask about their advanced training when you call to talk to the home inspector.
  • Positive Reviews – Experience isn’t everything. You don’t want to deal with an unresponsive home inspector or one that is short with you and doesn’t seem to care that you’re about to spend a lot of money that will affect you and your family for decades. Sure, experience is nice, but if the professional you’re dealing with is unfriendly and unresponsive, what good is all that experience?  Make sure you check Google, Yelp, and Facebook to see what kind of experience your peers have had with the inspector you’re investigating/considering.

If you’re new to the area, don’t be afraid to ask people you work with or particularly friendly people that you meet if they have any recommendations. Everybody has moved at one time or another and many people have purchased new homes or office buildings. Whatever you do, don’t just simply call on the inspector that your realtor undoubtedly recommends to you. Of course, keep them in mind and perform all the same investigative research because they certainly may be a good choice but chances are it’s just a friend of the realtor and you don’t really know what kind of experience you’ll be getting. Check out this article from Consumer Reports to gain more information about selecting a good Atlanta home inspector.

Our Recommendations for Atlanta Home Inspectors

Without further ado, here is the list of Atlanta home inspectors that we’ve come up with for our customers. We do not have affiliation with any of the inspectors listed and simply are recommending them based on the research we’ve already done for you. Feel free to call upon anybody you’d like and do your own investigation!

Crimson Home Inspections | Flawless Reviews Everywhere

Crimson Home Inspections has experience with construction, they’ve got a slew of certifications and training like mold and mildew identification training, experience with plumbing and electric, and what’s most impressive – unbelievably positive reviews everywhere you look. With over 200 recent reviews on Google, and maintaining almost a 5/5 rating, Crimson prides themselves on customer satisfaction. With a reasonable pricing system, the only potential knock is that you can’t see a sample report on their website but they’re willing to give you one upon request.

Online Scheduling Offered | 500 Northside Cir NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 | (404) 200-7743

Paris Pressley Real Estate Inspector | Over 40 Years Experience

Paris Pressley is a gentleman with over 40 years of experience in the Atlanta area. Paris is not only a Certified Home Inspector in Atlanta, he is also a Georgia Licensed Residential Contractor. If you have Paris inspect the home you are buying, he comes with the vast knowledge and additional skills to discuss what you can negotiate or should consider if you purchase the home, rather than simply providing a report and taking your money. Paris is considered the best of the best in the area and is priced as such. Specializing in higher end homes, Paris is a terrific option for those who are purchasing a new home and want everything to be just perfect.

Sample Inspection Report | 260 Peachtree St. N.W. #2200, Atlanta, GA 30303 | (404) 755-9556

Marion Hodges Home Inspection Services | Same-Day Reporting

All inspections follow the guidelines of the ASHI Standards and Practice. Your inspection report will be provided to you and your agent on the same day as the inspection. With over 15 years of inspecting homes in the Atlanta area, the family team at Marion Hodges takes extra pride in their work for other families but won’t pull the wool over your eyes. Brutal honesty makes a good Atlanta home inspector and at Marion Hodges Home Inspection, you can expect an unbiased evaluation of your home’s interior and exterior. Your cloud-based report will be generated as the inspection is done and defects, action items, and suggestions will be clearly labeled and documented throughout the report. Every bit of the Atlanta home inspection includes high resolution imaging for easy digital viewing. The website is also comprehensive and you can learn about radon testing and the dangers of radon in a home.

Sample Inspection Reports | 1499 Sylvan Cir NE, Atlanta, GA 30319 | (770) 572-2808

National Property Inspections | Best Bang for Buck Inspections

We understand the apprehension about dealing with a major chain company of property inspectors. If this were a state that didn’t require special recognition and certification, we’d be more concerned. Thankfully, the state government feels it’s important enough to have annual training and testing to stay certified and the team are certified home inspectors in Atlanta. Being a chain business that employs property inspectors has its benefits. For one, inspections are going to be cheaper than the local business alternatives. Secondly, inspectors can call in other inspectors for second opinions or have a group review reports before having them finalized and sent to a customer. Customers also get free warranties, 24 hour turn–arounds, electronic reports, and constant support throughout the purchase process. National Property Inspections Atlanta also allows for online quotes, which is sort of rare in this field.

Huge List of Services | 156 7th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 | (770) 656-2209

Comprehensive Home Inspections | Thorough Inspections Based on Principals of Building Science

Serving the greater Atlanta area for over 30 years, Comprehensive Home Inspections features ASHI, GAHI, and ICC Certified Atlanta inspectors. Not only do the inspections provide valuable information about your property today, but the team educates you on how to improve your home in the future through maintenance and improvements based on the principals of building science. Comprehensive Home Inspections provides buyer’s home inspections in Georgia, seller’s prelisting inspections, light commercial inspections, new construction, radon testing, and energy audits.

Schedule an Appointment Online | 608 Lakeshore Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 | (770) 457-2787

Map of Georgia Home Inspectors in Atlanta

Atlanta Home Inspection FAQs

What does an Atlanta Home Inspection cost?

The average cost of an Atlanta home inspection is between $250 and $600, with the total cost for a home inspector inspection depending on the size and location of your home as well as any additional services you require. Are you going to have a radon test completed?  Is there a well or septic?  Are there other buildings on the property?  All these things contribute to the final cost.

What does an Atlanta Home Inspector look for?

The standard Atlanta home inspection consists of electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioning, roof, and foundation inspection. We recommend having inspectors check for mold/mildew, radon, and pest damage.

What happens if your Atlanta Home Inspection fails?

There is a good chance you are avoiding major headaches if your Georgia home inspection fails and it can prevent you from making a huge life investment!  A seller can have failed points remedied so that a sale can still go through after an inspection.

Buying a new home is a really big deal. It’s important that our customers and their new home get treated with the same level of respect from their Atlanta home inspectors as they do their Atlanta moving company. At Wirks, we understand the importance of having the ultimate Atlanta home inspection experience because without a good report, you probably wouldn’t be moving at all!  A trustworthy home inspector coupled with reliable movers will create an exciting relocation experience that will save you stress, time, and money. If you have more questions or want to get a free moving quote, please give us a call at (404) 635-6683. Alternatively, get your free quote started by filling out the form right on the homepage of our website!  We look forward to helping you get into your new Atlanta home.

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