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Dog Parks in Gwinnett County GA 🐶 | 7 Best Dog Parks in Lawrenceville, Suwanee & More

Last Updated on: 18th June 2023, 01:48 pm

If you are moving to or within Gwinnett County with your furry friend, then you will be happy to know that there are many places for your pup to run around outside and socialize with other dogs. If you utilize some of the dog parks in Gwinnett County GA, you will not only give your dog a safe space to exercise and roam around freely, but you will also have a chance to be physically active with your pet! If you don’t have much space in your backyard, then don’t worry- just head to your local pet park in Gwinnett County.

There are many cities in Gwinnett County with incredible dog parks for your furry friend to play in. Whether you are looking for a place with park benches, a lighted area, or a pet washing station, Gwinnett County has it all! Here are 7 parks that you can’t miss out on when living in the area.

Rabbit Hill Park | Beautiful Doggy Park in Gwinnett County GA With Lots of Seating and Run Areas

Rabbit Hill Park is one of the best dog parks in Gwinnett County and is a favorite among both dogs and dog owners. Rabbit Hill Park is located in Dacula, Georgia, and has amenities for both pups and people. The dog park is located directly to the right of the multi-purpose field complex and is accommodating to many different types of dogs. There are two fenced-in areas; one for small dogs and puppies and one for larger dogs. If you just want to throw the ball with your dog off-leash, then you can take advantage of the separate dog run area.

Each section of the dog park has drinking fountains for both your pup and yourself. There are also many picnic tables and trash cans around for you to sit and have a snack while your dog has some fun. You can also take advantage of other amenities around the park, such as the newly renovated walking trails and pond area. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash when you are outside of the dog park area!

McDaniel Farm Dog Park and Playground | Large Dog Park in Gwinnett County GA, With Lots of Shade

McDaniel Farm Park contains one of the biggest free dog parks in Gwinnett County. This historic park has origins dating back to an 1820 land lottery purchase and was formerly a cotton farm. The park still has many of the original farm’s amenities for you to explore, including a farmhouse built in 1874, a chicken coup, and a blacksmith shed.

The dog park in McDaniel Farm Park is very popular among Gwinnett County dog owners. There are two fenced areas, one for dogs under 25 pounds and one for dogs over 25 pounds. There are plenty of dog waste stations for you to utilize, as well as dozens of park benches for you to sit and watch your puppy play. Although the playgrounds in the park are not specifically meant for dogs, you are more than welcome to take your pup into the playground area. If you want to keep exploring with your canine, then you can check out the grill area as well as the three miles of paved and unpaved trails.


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Rock Springs Park | Pet-Friendly Park With Separate Areas for Large and Small Dogs

Rock Springs Park is one of the best dog parks in Suwanee, Georgia, and is fun for both pups and humans. This large dog park has two fenced areas, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. There are many shaded areas in the play space, making it perfect for the hot summer days in Georgia. The dog park is complete with water stations as well as agility training equipment for your pup to play on. This dog park in Gwinnett County is lighted, so feel free to take your dog as the sun sets!

Because this park is for humans too, there are plenty of public restrooms as well as play areas for children. The dog park is located directly behind a soccer field that you can enjoy as you please. If you leash your dog up, you can also explore the two mile paved trail that is popular among walkers, runners, and bikers.

Harbins Dog Park | Spacious Gwinnett County GA Dog Park With Obstacle Course Equipment

Located in Dacula, GA, Harbins Dog Park is a beautiful Gwinnett County doggie park. This local park is split into three different dog exercise areas: one for small dogs, one for big dogs, and one for all dogs. During the warm months, there are water stations placed around the park to keep your furry friend hydrated while playing in the sun. When you are finished at the dog park, you can explore the other amenities that Harbins Park has to offer, such as the lake, the 1.5-mile paved trail, the playground, and the lighted walking track.

This dog park in Dacula has a few rules that you are required to follow. The dog park rules include:

  • No more than three pets per visit
  • Keep dog under voice command
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Fill any holes your dog digs
  • Make sure your dog is wearing current rabies tags

This dog park is great for owners who want to work on training and agility with their pups. There is agility training equipment set up throughout the park for you to practice with your furry friend. Just make sure to watch your dog while they are playing!

Chattapoochee Dog Park | Large and Small Dog Designated Fenced Park in Duluth, GA

The Chattapoochee Dog Park is one of the most popular dog friendly parks in Gwinnett County and is perfect for pups of all shapes and sizes. This doggie park has a section for dogs over 30 pounds and dogs under 30 pounds. Both areas are fenced in and have plenty of room for your pups to get exercise. In the area for the smaller dogs, there is obstacle course equipment for them to play on. In the area for the larger dogs, there is a large hill for them to run up and down. You’re sure to have a worn-out pup after leaving Chattapoochee!

During the warm summer months, there is a fountain area for your dogs to play in as well as water stations set up around the park. If you want to cool off even more, you can take a short walk down to the Chattahoochee River. Because this park is solely for dogs, it runs more like a business and therefore has employees on-site to assist you and create a safe environment for your dog.


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Ronald Reagan Park | 2-Acre Off-Leash Dog Park in Gwinnett County GA

Ronald Reagan Park is a 25-acre park, with 2 of the acres dedicated to the dog park area. The park is split up into one section for dogs over 20 pounds and one section for dogs under 20 pounds. Both areas have exercise and agility equipment, including tunnels and ramps. There is also a dog run area for your furry friend to sprint as much as they want. Ronald Reagan Park is equipped with a water fountain and dog waste stations.

There are plenty of shaded areas and picnic tables for you to sit while you watch your dog play. If you want to keep playing after you are done at the dog park, then you can enjoy amenities such as horseshoe pits, shuffleboard courts, a small skate area, a playground, pavilions, two half-basketball courts, bocce ball courts, walking trails, and a small pond.

Alexander Park | Large Dog Park in Gwinnett County GA, With Off and On Leash Options

The Alexander Dog Park is located inside Alexander Park in Lawrenceville, GA. This park is fenced and features agility equipment, water fountains, and lots of sticks for your pup to play with. This Gwinnett County dog park is surrounded by trees, making the area comfortable and shaded in the summertime.

If you prefer to keep your dog on a leash, then you can explore other areas in Alexander Park, such as the 1.7-mile paved trail, the 1-mile non paved trail, the fishing area, the playground, and the horseshoe pit. You can also enjoy lunch or dinner and utilize the grills and picnic benches right next to the dog park.


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Gwinnett County GA Dog Parks Map

As you can see, there are many Gwinnett County dog parks for you to choose from, and these aren’t even all of the options! There are dozens of parks for you to check out when living in Gwinnett County. If you are moving to or within Gwinnett County, then let Wirks Moving & Storage help you! Give us a call today at 404-635-6683 to discuss your move and get a free estimate!


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