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Changing Your Address in Georgia – The 2024 Complete Guide

Last Updated on: 25th February 2022, 06:51 am

You have packed up your old books and knick-knacks. All you have to do is wait for the movers to arrive, and your move will almost be complete. But before you rush off to a new home, remember to get a change of address in Georgia first.

Going to a new city or neighborhood is exciting. It’s a chance to start over, meet new people, and reinvent yourself. To make this move as easy as possible, you need to take care of a few housekeeping tasks first.

Thankfully, you can do most of these tasks online. Whether you need a Georgia driver’s license address change or an update to your magazine subscription, most companies and providers have options on their websites.

To make sure you navigate your move with ease, do these change of address updates as soon as possible. Updating your information ensures you don’t miss out on important bills or other documents. With a little planning ahead, you can make your move simple and convenient.

Post Office

To get a change of address in Georgia, start by heading over to the post office. When it comes to moving, your USPS change of address should be the first thing you get. Even if you forget to change your address with other companies, USPS can forward all of your old mail to your new house.

A USPS change of address is fairly straightforward and simple. All you have to do is go online to USPS.com/move. Then, fill out the change of address form.

To change your address online, you need a debit or credit card in your name to pay a $1 fee. This fee is just a way for USPS to make sure you are actually who you say you are. As soon as you update your address, you should get a confirmation letter at your new location within five business days.

If you prefer to change your Georgian address in person, go to your local post office. They have a packet known as a Mover’s Guide which includes PS Form 3575. You merely have to fill out this form and give it to your local post office.

Normally, USPS forwards your mail for just 12 months or so. Keep track of which companies are using your old address so you can change the information within that timeline.

Georgia DMV – Georgia Driver’s License Address Change

According to the law, you need to do a Georgia DMV change of address whenever you move to a new home. Through the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), you can request a free driver’s license, ID card or permit as long as it is 150 days before the expiration date on your current card. You can quickly do a Georgia driver’s license address change online through the site.

Person writing driver's license on see through board

If you get a Georgia driver’s license address change through the online portal, you will save $5 on any potential fees. Commercial driver’s licenses can’t use the online option. Instead, you can get a Georgia DMV change of address in person at a DDS office.

What do I need?

  • Current Driver License
  • Proof of Identity (i.e. birth certificate, passport, etc.)
  • Proof of Georgia Residency (i.e. bank statement, utility bill, etc.)

Tax Agencies

While you will ultimately need to change your address with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), most people can wait until tax time. You only need to update your address right away if you are waiting for a tax refund or some kind of mail from the IRS. For most people, changing your IRS address involves just writing in a new address when you file your next tax return.

If you are waiting for correspondence from the IRS, you can send in a signed statement to the last IRS address you sent your tax return to. This statement should include your new address, your old address and your full name as well as your EIN, ITIN or Social Security number.

Another way to update your address is by calling the IRS or talking to them in person. To verify your identity, the IRS will need information from your Social Security card, ITN or EIN. You should also have your photo ID, address and date of birth available before you call.


Make sure to call your utility company before you move to a new location. You want your providers to do a final reading of your meters so you know how much you will have to pay. When you get this reading, keep a copy of the final bill.

Then, update your address in case there are any surprise fees or charges. You don’t want a missed bill to accumulate late fees. Other than your old utility providers, you will also need to open up an account at your new location.

Lit light bulb hanging from cord

Depending on where you are in Georgia, starting new electricity, gas, or water service can be as simple as calling your municipality’s utility provider. Phone, television, and internet services can generally be updated online or by calling your provider. If you already receive these services, many companies will just transfer your old services to your new location.


Most insurance companies allow you to immediately change your address online. If they don’t, you can always email their customer service department. You can also call your insurance company to update personal details like your address and other details.

Your insurer needs an updated address because your location plays a part in determining your monthly premium. In addition, you need to make sure you receive all of your bills right away so you can pay them on time.


Almost every bank has online options now, so log in to your online profile to update your address with your bank or investment account. If you need extra help, call the bank’s customer service center. You can also just walk into your local branch to get immediate help with your change of address.

Building showing the word BANK on it

You need to update your bank details because bills and your banking statement will go to the address they have on record. This address will be especially important when your new debit card, checkbooks or credit card are sent out in the mail. The last thing you want is a random stranger receiving your financial cards or checks.


Subscriptions are another group of addresses you will need to update. To do this, write down all of the subscriptions you currently receive. Then, go to the company’s website or call customer service to update your address.

For example, Time magazine lets you update your address through an online portal or by calling customer service. Subscription box services like Birchbox, Ipsy, and LootCrate also allow you to easily change your address through your online profile. Other subscription services offer similar options for updating your Georgia address.

Family & Friends

There are many different ways to update your loved ones about your change of address in Georgia. Some people go for a simple Facebook or Twitter update that everyone can instantly read. You could also try throwing a housewarming party so everyone can actually see your new place.

One fun option is to use Walmart Photo Shop to create a magnet or postcard with a picture of your new place. You can add the new address to the bottom of the image. Then, you can give this mug as a gift to all of your friends and family members.

Take the Steps to Change Your Address in Georgia

Luckily, none of these address changes have to be difficult. The most important thing is to change your address with USPS first. As long as you update your mailing address, any forgotten bills will still get forwarded to your new place.

You don’t want to miss out on your last electricity bill or an important update to your car insurance policy. By changing your address before your move is complete, you can make sure you don’t miss out on any important letters, bills, or packages. Once your address changes are complete, you can kick back, relax and enjoy your new place.

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