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Johns Creek Neighborhoods

Johns Creek Neighborhoods | [2024] Best Neighborhoods & 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Where to Live in Johns Creek

Last Updated on: 31st May 2023, 03:25 pm

Johns Creek is one of the most popular and seventh-largest cities in Georgia. Since it received the status of a “city,” Johns Creek has grown to be more populated. People worldwide are trying to stamp a place in Johns creek neighborhoods so they can claim ownership of being a resident due to numerous benefits it offers. The city is full of young and thriving people who are very friendly, and it has minimum crime reports and excellent places to visit. 

Whether you are looking to move to Johns Creek or buy a house for a teenager or senior, couples or singles, professionals, or party lovers, the city and its neighborhoods are a good place for all!

Best Johns Creek Neighborhoods to Live in Georgia

Johns Creek is known for its beautiful houses. If you’re looking to find the best areas to live in this beautiful city, you’re in the right place. We’ve listed the 8 best places to live in Johns Creek, GA.

Medlock Bridge – the Most Popular Johns Creek Neighborhood


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Medlock Bridge is the most popular subdivision of Johns Creek, Georgia. It is situated in the heart of Johns Creek neighborhoods’ map between Parsons Road and State Bridge Road.

Medlock Bridge provides a home to more than 640 families with beautiful and peaceful housing societies. The area is rich in offering its residents all the fundamental necessities at ease.

From exciting hiking trails to serene lake views, Medlock Bridge offers a soothing sight for sore eyes. Medlock Bridge has many clubhouses, community poolside, tennis courts, parks, playgrounds, and gyms like Crunch Fitness for active residents who enjoy practical activities. 

The neighborhood also has Medlock Bridge Elementary School for kids and quality restaurants for people to enjoy. The community is very welcoming and loves enjoying multiple social and sporting events.

Falls of Autry Mills – Best for Professionals and Seniors

Falls of Autry Mills is famous for its beautiful location in all of the Johns Creek neighborhood. The Falls of Autry Mill has a well-established area structured to highlight the natural beauty of Johns Creek, GA.

The Falls of Autry Mill community has a lot to offer if you’re considering buying a home on the premises.

The residents of the Falls of Autry Mill are amiable and sporty. The massive courthouse often remains occupied with various social events like wedding parties, graduation parties, bridal or baby showers, etc. 

The community of the homeowners living in the Falls of Autry Mill has a firm bonding. They have made their association for governing neighborhood matters. This neighborhood is best for professionals, millennials, families, and senior citizens.

Saint Ives Country Club – Johns Creek’s Wealthiest Neighborhood

Best known for its majestic life, Saints Ives Country Club is a well-known luxurious area in the Johns Creek neighborhood. Full of all the premium facilities, St Ives is the best place to have all the fun-filled wealth-fueled activities at your disposal.

If you are someone who loves to live an expensive lifestyle but can’t find the right place or like-minded people to mingle with, St. Ives is your best bet. It offers a luxury life filled with expensive arts, beauty, and other premium activities.

Living in Saint Ives Country Club is like living in a Barbie Castle full of expensive art, music, and other well-priced items that scream luxury. The housing of the Saint Ives neighborhood is structured in a way that surrounds the Golf Clubhouse. Besides, St Ives also has some of the most excellent schools and versatile shopping malls

Sugar Mill – the Safest Neighborhood in Johns Creek

Sugar Mill is one of the best Johns Creek neighborhoods known for its safe and friendly community. It has a properly structured housing scheme with many things to do. You can count on Sugar Mill to provide you with comfort and safety. 

Living in Sugar Mill can be a great choice if you’re looking for the safest or LGTBQ neighborhood in Johns Creek without crimes or robberies. It’s also one of the most affordable places to live with all the fundamental necessities. If you ask around the neighborhood, the residents can vouch for the place to be Johns Creek’s safest neighborhood.

The Sugar Mill has a lovely welcoming vibe filled with very kind and friendly people. This place is also perfect for families and singles, as Sugar Mill is very comfortable to live in mainly due to its safety and friendly community.

The neighborhood has large playgrounds and many open fields for people to take peaceful strolls. A level 2 Club House is there to support the community by arranging multiple events and parties. 

The place also has CAT Healthcare Services, Inc and a perfect lake that’s great for fishing and enjoying the view with friends and family.

Doublegate – the Most Educationally Rich Neighborhood of Johns Creek

If you’re looking to live in one of the Johns creek suburbs, Doublegate is the best option. It is a very well-structured place with a lovely traditional touch.

The houses of this neighborhood are specially designed to give you a nice suburban feel. Every house is vast and has a nice lawn and a small backyard, featuring a traditional home look for people who like suburbs.

The Doublegate neighborhood has all the necessary facilities available for residents. But the one thing that sets the area apart is the educational institutes. Doublegate ranks top in the neighborhoods with the best schools in Johns Creek, GA. With excellent education and a swim & tennis club, it’s a good place to live and raise your kids.

Haynes Bridge – the Most Affluent Johns Creek Neighborhoods 

Haynes Bridge – the Most Affluent Johns Creek Neighborhoods

For career-oriented people who love living near their workplace, Haynes Bridge is one of the best places to live in Johns Creek neighborhoods.

Haynes Bridge offers you a luxurious lifestyle with huge houses, some as large as seven bedrooms and eight baths. It’s not only a great place to live in but also perfect for staying when you’re on tour or just visiting the Johns Creek neighborhoods, Ga.

With its central location point, the place has significant commercial importance. That’s why Haynes Bridge has more employment opportunities than any other neighborhood in Johns Creek.

When you’re living in Haynes Bridge, everything is just a few blocks away. You can enjoy long shopping sprees in the Boutiques and famous stores, like Target, or dine your favorite food at some of the best restaurants, such as Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. Haynes Bridge has something for everyone!

Haynes Bridge is the best option for professionals and goal-oriented folks. You can enjoy a fast-paced life when living in this vibrant city with so much to offer.

Rivermont – Best Johns Creek Neighborhoods for Raising a Family

Are you a fan of outdoor activities? How do you feel about living in an area famous for its golf club? Rivermont is well-known for its amazing Gold club community.

In addition to the golf community, there are many schools, eateries, markets, and other enjoyment points for the residents.

No doubt Rivermont is a beauty in itself. It is one of the most serene neighborhoods in all of Johns Creek. The fantastic view of the hills and landscaping is breathtaking. If you like living in an area rich in natural beauty, Rivermont is a great option!

It has a sizable tranquil playground and many huge golf parks. You can enjoy quality time with your family playing golf while you soak in the valley’s beauty.

Rivermont has some of the lowest house prices competitive with other real estate markets. If you’re a lover of family-style homes but can’t afford an expensive house, Rivermont is your best affordable option, making it the best neighborhood in Johns Creek for raising families.

Oxford Mill – the Most Stylish Neighborhood of Johns Creek, GA

Are you looking for a stylish neighborhood to move in with your family? While most Johns Creek neighborhoods offer beautiful landscapes and amenities, Oxford Mill is the place with the most agile infrastructure.

Oxford Mill has a beautiful housing scheme and a friendly community. Every house has a good-looking and welcoming entrance to a peaceful space you can call HOME

With meticulous gardens and parks full of natural beauty, Oxford Mill offers many elegant sites to view. You can find all your favorite places the neighborhood has to offer its residents here. 

This Johns Creek neighborhood has everything from stunning memorial halls and the huge Oxford Mill Clubhouse to super versatile shopping malls and high educational schools and colleges!

The place also has excellent schools to promote children’s early education, making this Johns Creek neighborhood perfect for families with kids.

Johns Creek Neighborhoods Map

Are you looking to find the best route to visit the Johns Creek neighborhood, or want to view the outlook of the place? Check out the map below.


Is Johns Creek a good place to live? You might have guessed the answer. Yes, Johns Creek is a great place to live with various neighborhoods that can fit every need. From high affordability to the safest and most affluent neighborhood, Johns Creek has got something for everyone!

If you’re planning to relocate to Johns Creek, GA, Wirks Moving and Storage is ready to serve you. We are the #1 Johns Creek movers that will help you in a smooth and carefree transition! Call us today to get a free, personalized moving estimate.


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