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Moving to NYC from Atlanta Tips [2024] | 🍎🍑 Atlanta to NYC Movers

Last Updated on: 5th April 2022, 12:39 am

Are you planning a big change, trading the City in a Forest for the Big Apple? You have probably met more than a few New Yorkers in recent years with Atlanta ranked as one of the top destinations for NYC residents in a recent Redfin report. While many New Yorkers are migrating to the ATL for its lower cost of living, job market, and climate, you may be feeling the reverse pull for New York’s 24-hour lifestyle, culture, excitement, and walkability.

Of course, an interstate move can be intimidating and even a little frightening. With so much planning and work going into your move, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. How much does moving from Atlanta to NYC cost? What should you be prepared for once you get there? This complete guide covers everything you want to know including the benefits of moving to New York City and how the best Atlanta to NYC movers can help you.


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What Is Moving to NYC Like?

New York City is a city like no other. Famous for its nightlife, food scene, art and culture, it’s a city that never sleeps – and never seems to stop moving. One of the first adjustments you’ll need to make is the sheer size of NYC, home to over 8.4 million people within just 304 square miles. Unlike Atlanta, which has many neighborhoods that feel like small cities or suburbs right in the urban core, you’ll never forget you’re in the Big Apple, one of the most densely populated and fast-paced cities in the world.

The next adjustment? The Atlanta vs NYC cost of living. One of the most expensive places to live in the U.S., the cost of living in New York is 132% higher than Atlanta. If you’re earning $50,000 in Atlanta, you would need to earn almost $116,000 in NYC to maintain your standard of living.

NYC is a city of renters where average rent is $3,000, but much higher in some boroughs. When you compare Atlanta vs NYC, you’ll find the average $1,800 rent in the ATL is a steal in comparison.

The high cost of living is worth it if you’re looking for a thrilling place to live where there’s always something exciting happening, amazing cuisine to discover, and people from all corners of the world to meet.

Finally, you’ll want to brace yourself for the difference in Atlanta vs NYC weather. If you’re tired of long, hot, and humid summers synonymous with the Atlanta climate, that’s probably a good thing! New York winters aren’t as cold as you may think with average winter temperatures of 27°F to 43°F. Despite the chill, you’ll love winter in NYC with festive displays, fun events, and ice skating in Central Park.


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Benefits of Moving from Atlanta to NYC

What’s prompting you to consider moving to NYC from Atlanta? Whether you’re relocating for employment opportunities or a different lifestyle, there are so many advantages of living in New York, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Perhaps the biggest reason many people turn to Atlanta to NYC movers is for employment opportunities, whether it’s a job transfer or simply to break into one of the many industries that only seem to exist in New York. The city’s job market is definitely competitive, but it’s the place to be for a high-level career in finance, healthcare, business services, architecture, interior design, and fashion. New York City has always had a major draw for anyone in the creative arts, from musicians and artists to fashion designers and chefs.

The one-of-a-kind NYC nightlife and culture is also a major perk of moving to New York City from Atlanta. It’s true that Atlanta boasts its own rich history and culture with a fun nightlife, but the sprawl and lack of late-night public transit means you’re a $50 Uber ride away from home and mostly hitting bars and breweries. While living in New York, you can find yourself in a trendy rooftop bar, swank cocktail lounge, laidback tavern, or hip nightclub any night of the week.

New York City’s public transportation also means you can really live a car-free lifestyle, only possible in some areas of Atlanta with planning – and long MARTA rides. NYC boasts the country’s best public transit and a 24-hour subway system so you never have to worry about when the trains stop running.


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Atlanta to NYC Movers

Moving to the Big Apple doesn’t need to be a stressful and overwhelming experience with a professional Atlanta to NYC moving company to help. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring experts to help with your move:

  • Professional packing (full or partial) to avoid days of tedious packing, frequent bending, and worry about damage
  • No heavy lifting or navigating narrow stairs and hallways with heavy, large furniture
  • Moving day completed according to an efficient plan in a fraction of the time
  • Dedicated move coordinator oversees all the details of your relocation to avoid hurdles, logistical issues, and delays
  • Skilled loading of your truck to avoid damage from shifting in transit
  • Transportation to your new home by licensed professionals

With affordable Atlanta to NYC movers, you avoid the headache of driving a large commercial moving truck in Atlanta traffic, not to mention New York’s tiny, congested streets. New York City has very strict parking regulations for commercial trucks, usually allowing only three hours to load or unload. There are also many stretches of roads in the city where commercial vehicles are not allowed, including New York parkways. Even experienced truckers who aren’t familiar with New York City driving are known to frequently get stuck on parkways – the very last thing you want to experience on your own when you innocently turn down the wrong street to your new home!

Why Wirks Moving & Storage Is Your Best Atlanta to NYC Moving Company

Don’t hire just anyone for a complicated interstate move to NYC from Atlanta. Make sure you choose a licensed, insured company that follows industry guidelines and regulations for your protection. They should have a proven track record with years of experience handling long-distance relocations, positive reviews, a low claims rate, and the services you need. Make sure the team they send is background checked and experienced, not a temporary crew.

Wirks Moving & Storage has years of experience completing long-distance moves between Atlanta and New York City. Our talented movers are ready to put their years of experience and training to work to make your relocation as easy and worry-free as possible, from prepping and packing your home to the final move-in.

With 10,000 relocations completed over our 10+ year history, 5-star Facebook and Google reviews, and transparent, fair pricing, you can count on Wirks Moving & Storage for a stress-free move.

Atlanta to NYC Moving Cost

How much does it cost to move to NYC from Atlanta? It depends on many factors unique to your circumstances. Wirks Moving & Storage will give you a free, affordable estimate based on an assessment that considers:

  • Moving dates
  • Distance
  • Accessibility at your origin and destination
  • Type and volume of belongings
  • Level of service
  • Your level of preparation and organization
  • Storage needs

Give us a call to discuss your move during a free in-home or virtual assessment so we can give you a personalized, no-obligation quote!

Atlanta to NYC Distance & Travel Tips

When you work with a top Atlanta to New York moving company, you can rest easy knowing your belongings will make it to your new home safely. However, once the truck is loaded, you’ll need to get yourself to New York!

The distance from Atlanta to New York City is 866 miles, a 14-hour drive. If you’re planning to make the drive, be sure to sign up for E-Z Pass online to save some money on NYC tolls. Here’s what your drive will look like.

Not up for a long drive? Planning to sell your car and live car-free like over half of New Yorkers? A fun option is taking an Amtrak train from Atlanta to NYC. The Amtrak Crescent runs daily between the two cities, offering a scenic trip through Charlotte, Greensboro, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. How much is a train ticket from Atlanta to New York? Expect to pay around $130. You can also travel in style with a Viewliner Roomette or Bedroom with your own private space, restroom, and sleeping car attendant.

Flying is the most affordable and fastest option when moving to NYC from Atlanta. Several airlines like Frontier, Spirit, Delta, JetBlue, and United offer nonstop flights from Atlanta to New York City. The flight is only 2 hours from ATL to JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark.

Hopefully moving from Atlanta to New York City seems a bit more manageable now that you know what to expect! Ready to experience life in the Big Apple? Call the top-rated Atlanta to NYC movers at Wirks Moving & Storage today to discuss how we can help you every step of the way.

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