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Moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles | 🥇 #1 Atlanta to Los Angeles Movers

Last Updated on: 9th February 2022, 03:51 am

Are you considering a move from the ATL? It’s easy to see why the City of Angels is at the top of your list. Both cities offer jobs in the entertainment industry, a fun nightlife, and warm weather, but LA is a city like no other.

After moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles, you’ll enjoy some of the best beaches in Southern California at your fingertips and life in the entertainment capital of America with some of the country’s most visited attractions. You don’t even need to say goodbye to outdoor recreation you love in Atlanta with mountains, beaches, and forests to explore.

Here’s what you should know when you compare LA vs Atlanta, what to expect during your relocation, and how the best Atlanta to Los Angeles movers can help.

What Is Moving to Los Angeles Like?

When you compare Atlanta vs Los Angeles, you’ll definitely notice plenty of similarities. However, living in Los Angeles means making many adjustments in terms of cost of living, getting around, and more.

One of the first differences you’ll notice between Atlanta vs Los Angeles living is LA feels more fast-paced. You may think the people are less friendly and lacking the Southern charm you’re used to, and everyone is in a rush to get somewhere or do something.

The Los Angeles culture has a strong Latin-American core, but it’s an incredibly diverse city, even compared to Atlanta, with dozens of large ethnic enclaves. From Little Armenia, Little Tokyo, and Chinatown to Little Ethiopia and Little Tehran, you’ll meet people from around the world on a daily basis and experience amazing cuisine around every corner.


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One of the biggest adjustments you’ll need to make? The huge difference in the cost of living in Atlanta vs Los Angeles. One of the biggest drawbacks of living in LA is the cost of living. It’s about 60% more expensive to live in Los Angeles vs Atlanta. Virtually everything is more expensive aside from utilities, although groceries and food are similar in the two cities.

The biggest difference in the cost of living? Housing costs. Compared to the Atlanta median home price of $385,000, you’ll pay a median of $950,000 to buy a home in LA with many people completely priced out of the market. Planning to rent after moving from Atlanta to LA? You’ll pay average rent of $2,563 according to RentCafe compared to $1,790 in Atlanta.

You’ll also need to adjust to the differences in climate between LA vs Atlanta. Los Angeles gets very little annual rainfall and more sunny days on average than the ATL with a winter low of 46 degrees compared to 33 degrees in Atlanta. The summer highs in LA are slightly lower at 84 degrees compared to 88 degrees in Atlanta. Overall, you’ll have less rain, more comfortable, warm summers without the intense humidity, and warm winters after moving to Los Angeles from Atlanta.

Benefits of Moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles

Here are just some reasons moving from Atlanta to LA can be a great choice for you!


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Better Weather

Say goodbye to sweltering heat and oppressive humidity during the summers and the extreme amount of rain in the ATL. One of the many perks of moving to Los Angeles is its gorgeous, year-round weather!

Close to Beaches

Do you love the ocean? A huge advantage of living in LA is the many beautiful SoCal beaches a short drive away. While Atlanta is 267 miles from the closest beach, LA is close to Laguna Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica with the fun Santa Monica Pier, and the Venice neighborhood, home to Muscle Beach and the Venice Beach Boardwalk, one of Southern California’s top destinations.

Great Attractions & Outdoor Recreation

One of the many perks of living in Atlanta is the gorgeous scenery and opportunities for outdoor recreation. However, an overlooked benefit of living in Los Angeles is you’ll still enjoy plenty of outdoor activities from mountain hikes, horseback riding, and roller skating on the beach to surfing, swimming, boating, and more. Get your thrills snorkeling, scuba diving, or catching waves then meet up with friends for a beach party and campfire.

Of course, LA is also famous for its many attractions that draw in millions of tourists. From world-class museums like the Getty and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to the Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the nearby Disneyland Resort, you don’t need to be a tourist to enjoy everything LA has to offer.


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Strong Film and Entertainment Industry

The TV and film industry in Atlanta is rapidly growing and it’s been called the Next Hollywood. Of course, it’s still not there yet. Despite being a major destination for film production, Los Angeles is still the place to be for aspiring actors and entertainers. Despite the stiffer competition, there are more opportunities for larger roles, supporting roles, series regulars, and opportunities as a crew member while living in LA.

Atlanta to Los Angeles Movers

Long-distance moving is a stressful, overwhelming process if you don’t have the right help. Professional Atlanta to Los Angeles moving companies can give you peace of mind, take over the planning and hard work, and ensure a smooth move completed on time.

Do you just need some moving help with the packing and loading or do you want a full-service long-distance moving company that handles almost every aspect of your Atlanta to Los Angeles move? No matter how much help you need, here are some of the benefits of working with licensed Atlanta to LA movers.

  • Organized and efficient moving day
  • No heavy lifting or bending
  • Avoid logistical problems and delays
  • Experienced movers with the right equipment and supplies reduce the risk of damage to your home and belongings
  • Avoid driving a commercial moving truck thousands of miles through traffic
  • Full-service storage solutions avoid the cost and hassle of self-storage

Why Wirks Moving & Storage is the Best Atlanta to LA Moving Company

A big move should be exciting, not stressful, and Wirks Moving & Storage aims to deliver an easy, worry-free moving experience. We have earned a reputation as the #1 Atlanta to Los Angeles movers thanks to our 12-year history of professionalism, reliability, and honest, competitive rates.

Wirks Moving & Storage has earned hundreds of great reviews on Google and Yelp based on more than 10,000 successful moves. With an ultra-low claims rate, background checked and experienced movers, and years of experience, you can be sure your cross-country move will go off without a hitch.

Atlanta to Los Angeles Moving Cost

How much does it cost to move to Los Angeles from Atlanta? Not as much as you think with dependable, affordable movers!

It isn’t easy to estimate your moving cost without knowing the details of your relocation. Factors like the type of home, origin/destination, volume and type of belongings, level of service, and number of movers all play a big role. Long-distance moves usually have a flat-rate cost based on these factors and more.

Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing you will receive an affordable, honest price with Wirks Moving & Storage. Give us a call or fill out our Request a Quote form to get a free, personalized moving estimate without hidden costs.

Atlanta to Los Angeles Distance & Travel Tips

How far is Los Angeles from Atlanta? About 2,183 miles or 32 hours. That’s a long drive, and probably not one you’re eager to make yourself, let alone in a moving truck!

After the movers have loaded up your belongings and set off for California, you can drive yourself and the family to LA or choose another form of transportation.

One of the easiest ways to move from Atlanta to LA is flying. You’ll find nonstop flights starting at under $100 from airlines like Spirit, American, and Delta. The flight from ATL to LAX takes about 5 hours.

You can also take an Amtrak train from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Leaving Peachtree Station and arriving at Union Station in Los Angeles, the trip takes about 3.5 days but you can upgrade to a private room and enjoy the scenic route across America. You’ll start off on the Amtrak Crescent train to Washington, DC and change to the Capitol Limited to Chicago. From there, the Amtrak Southwest Chief takes you all the way to Los Angeles.

Already looking forward to your new life in the City of Angels? Give us a call at Wirks Moving & Storage to discuss your relocation and request a free, affordable Atlanta to Los Angeles moving estimate to get started.

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