If you need packing services, we can help you take off the burden of doing it yourself.

Packing Services in Marietta, GA

Moving to a new neighborhood? Don’t let the looming work of packing dim your excitement. You have our packing services to rely on, after all. Leave the heavy lifting to our capable packing team at Marietta, Georgia so you can focus on other important matters.


Efficient and Reliable Packing Services

Packing and preparing for a move is a lot of work. You’re basically packing several years of your life in boxes. It’s not just a matter of putting in things wherever they fit, too; you also have to think about using the right materials and learn the proper methods of packing so that your furniture, appliances, gadgets, clothes, and other household belongings arrive at your new house in the same condition as before the move.

Leave these worries to us. Wirks Moving and Storage has the expertise and resources to deliver superior packing and moving solutions.

  • Durable and appropriate packing supplies – We use a variety of packing materials, like corrugated cardboard boxes, holding trays, packing paper, bubble wrap sheets, blankets, packing foam, and specially-designed sleeves for tableware, glasses, bottles, and other breakables.
  • Careful handling–Rest easy because our experienced packers take great care in packing household items, whether they’re low-maintenance like hand towels or fragile like a china lamp or a giant, flatscreen TV.
  • Efficient packing–Watch as your household gets tidied up and packed in a fraction of the time and effort it would take if you were to do the task on your own. We’re attentive yet efficient packers who can put away small appliances and cooking tools in minutes.
  • Minimum disruption to your time – Be ready to move into your new home soon after our team arrives to pack your stuff. If it will take us more than a few days to get your things in order, we’ll discuss it with you so we can agree on a schedule that works best.
  • Insured service –Ensure your belongings are protected, literally and figuratively. We pull out all the stops to make sure all your possessions are packed well and delivered safely, but for your peace of mind, we also offer insurance coverage on our packing and moving services in Marietta.

Take comfort in the knowledge that the moving company you hired is AMSA-certified, and therefore meets the organization’s high standards for compliance, safety, and accountability. We also spent the last ten years improving our processes and delivering output that’s unequivocally by professionals.


Organized and Systematic Packing Methods

We pack by room and group items according to size, type, or storage location. Once we have everything in boxes, we label them accordingly. During move-in day, our transport team will know which boxes may be piled and which ones need careful handling. We also keep in mind the first-in, first-out principle when packing your belongings in large moving boxes.

With Wirks Moving and Storage doing your packing, you’ll have more time to do pre-move errands, set things up at your new house, and say goodbye to your neighbors and friends.

Each minute is precious, whether you’re spending it for farewells or on new beginnings. We recognize the importance of time and respect your right to spend it as you wish. Call our team if you need efficient and dependable packers in Marietta, Georgia.

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