We Are Here To Listen To You.

We believe that every move is a new journey in your life and should be treated that way. The home you saved up for, and the memories you’re about to create, should be greeted with great enthusiasm and expectation.   It’s about the next chapter in your life that will be looked back on in the years to come.


And here’s the good news.


Moving does not have to be stressful at all.   In fact, it can actually be an easy process. That may sound counter-intuitive, but I promise, it can actually be easier than buying a new car.   (Or a used one, if you prefer).


Here’s our story.


It was 2009, the economy was still in crash mode and we decided to open up a moving company. Maybe we were a little crazy, because everybody said so. But we started anyway against the advice of some of our best friends, family members and colleagues, truly having our best interest at heart. But we started anyway. Our goal was simple: Let’s be the best we can be, and God willing, future business will take care of itself and come our way.


As the saying goes: The rest is history.


We knew from years of being in the business, that everyone feared moving, and the thought of having to pack up and move to a new location, was well… Downright scary! Our mission was to bridge that gap and put people at ease, and let them know that if they chose our company, we’d be there for them, and we would support them, and earn their trust in the process.


And 9 years later, you know what, it actually worked.


Clients would call us after the move just to tell us how nice our guys were, and how it was such a smooth transition with no headaches or hiccups. And the reason they would call to tell us was because they just couldn’t believe it. Especially after hearing horror stories from friends and family members and neighbors who recently went through a move.


OVER 5,000 MOVES LATER…(Some Recent Reviews)


To say we are thankful to the people we have served would be an understatement. But our story continues to evolve. With so many moves behind us, we learned an important lesson:


We Believe that EVERY CUSTOMER needs to be heard, have their expectations met, and deserves an awesome move!


Wirks Moving and Storage wants to continually provide better service with each passing year. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to earn your business.